Resolved Issues

This topic lists previous issues resolved by Eucalyptus 4.3.1 and

Issue Description
EUCA-10666 Make builds work with dependency jars in another directory
EUCA-10979 ELB access log entries missing user_agent
EUCA-11809 S3 IAM permissions check incorrect for some *Version* actions
EUCA-11810 S3 location constraint ignored when creating bucket
EUCA-11823 Unable to getobject error HeadObject operation: Forbidden
EUCA-11854 create a property to be able to toggle thin provisioning on/off (Equallogic)
EUCA-11926 package cloud libs as RPM
EUCA-11928 eucanetd - refactor internal data structures to improve ENI handling
EUCA-11950 ENI: warm/hot attach
EUCA-12105 eucanetd out of memory
EUCA-12151 CloudFormation does not return ResourceTypes in the GetTemplateSummaryResponse
EUCA-12255 Terminating instance causes BundleInstance to hang
EUCA-12283 OSG fails multi-part upload to Walrus when client uploads concurrently
EUCA-12308 EC2 metrics processing error logged
EUCA-12432 Do not write ceph secrets to disk when adding them with virsh
EUCA-12436 EC2 include non-enabled clusters in network information
EUCA-12447 Bundled httpclient 4.2.3 is vulnerable to TLS name validation bypass
EUCA-12464 CLC should not block future migrations when migration fails immediately
EUCA-12481 IAM spurious errors logged for federated regions
EUCA-12510 EC2 VPC route state is invalid for Internet gateway
EUCA-12540 CC runs in wrong configuration mode
EUCA-12542 VPCs can have multiple Internet gateways
EUCA-12548 DNS responses for OSG buckets not consistent under load
EUCA-12556 Modifying EQL specific property <CLUSTER>.storage.eqlthinminreserve throws java.lang.ClassCastException
EUCA-12581 Stacks Deleted In Non-System Accounts by Cloud Admin Leave Behind Resources
EUCA-12594 Destination node does not clean all artifacts after instance is migrated out
EUCA-12596 DNS responses for objectstorage buckets should use ips appropriate for the request
EUCA-12614 VPCMIDO: MidoNet version is not checked
EUCA-12619 nodeadmin-pack-instance fails with error with invalid libvirt connection using --all
EUCA-12642 EBS volume detached from EBS-backed instance says attached
EUCA-12648 Move selinux policies to /usr/share/selinux/packages
EUCA-12675 Bump Eucalyptus version to 4.3.1
EUCA-12688 VPC - User can create VPCs outside the CIDR ranges /16 to /28
EUCA-12690 nc.log flooded with hairpin errors in el6
EUCA-12707 VPCMIDO: route table entry with destination CIDR over 15 characters is truncated
EUCA-12738 VPC- Security Group Config can cause ENIs to remain in detaching state
EUCA-12763 Update .gitignore to exclude a generated
EUCA-12780 Delay in network information processing when running instance
EUCA-12789 Cloudformation IAM does not work with specific resources
EUCA-12794 eucanetd: VPCMIDO: add euca version signature in MN
EUCA-12796 eucanetd: EDGE: add euca version signature in network artifacts
EUCA-12797 eucanetd: VPCMIDO: cleanup eucanetd 4.2 MN constructs on eucanetd 4.3 startup
EUCA-12799 Booting errors associated with EBS-backed EMI launched with ephemeral BDM
EUCA-12800 CLC returns bad DNS response to instance only when TTL has expired
EUCA-12813 euca_exec_wait() results in defunct processes if the process takes longer than timeout_sec
EUCA-12818 EBS Failures - Volumes fail to attach
EUCA-12819 rpmbuild complains about bogus date in %changelog
EUCA-12835 Race condition in ELB VM causes ELB not functional
EUCA-12865 The metrics returned in the ELB logs do not match the intention of AWS
EUCA-12874 volume attachment failure with ceph-rbd, virsh fails to open file /dev/stdin
EUCA-12881 can cause the node controller to fail to start.
EUCA-12885 Packaging for bundled httpclient 4.2.3 is vulnerable to TLS name validation bypass
EUCA-12929 SELinux + CC and NC colocated = failure to start CC
EUCA-12931 NC continually reruns init when CC libs are installed, spamming logs
EUCA-12932 euca-disassociate-address incorrectly returns InvalidIPAddress.InUse error
EUCA-12943 Instances fail to launch - Permission denied libvirt error on NCs
EUCA-12949 SELinux policy for CC does not allow scanning of faults directory
EUCA-12950 euca-run-workflow _check_pv() method fails, even when /usr/bin/pv exists.
EUCA-12983 On NC use modules-load.d to load br_netfilter on RHEL/CentOS 7.3
EUCA-12996 Describe Sensor Callback with null Resource UUID for one instance causes CLC to skip data for others
EUCA-13034 Global subnets section in GNI is not properly handled []
GUI-2650 Scaling group wizard allows "membership" tab to be clicked when next not enabled
GUI-2660 Refresh icon doesn't refresh CloudWatch charts on scaling group monitoring page
GUI-2691 No drop-down with zone options when running cloudformation template on multi-zone cloud
GUI-2693 ELB in VPC requires security group selection
GUI-2711 ELB tags running out of detail page
GUI-2719 Empty error message when trying to change security policy for ELB
GUI-2720 ELB is always assigned the latest security policy, even when an older one is specified
GUI-2744 Package license tag should include CC-BY-SA
GUI-2746 The "bundling" tag is not removed from the instance if the bucket is deleted before bundle is completed.
GUI-2749 about yr cloud not showing correct version, shows devel