Resolved Issues

This topic lists previous issues resolved by Eucalyptus 4.4.3.

Issue Description
#2 EUCA-13331 EC2 vm instance identification
#3 EUCA-13442 Node controller unsafely uses fork with posix threads
#6 EUCA-13446 Node controller libvirt connection error : timed out on libvirt refreshing thread
#7 EUCA-13447 SELinux denies libvirt necessary permissions to run instances on RHEL 7.4
#8 EUCA-13448 Seeing EESTERROR: deadlock detected errors in postgresql post cloud upgrade
#9 EUCA-13449 Token encoding for simple workflow and tokens services "leaks" native memory
#11 EUCA-13452 S3 put object fails with concurrency > 10
#12 EUCA-13454 ELB timeout setting worker keyname property
#13 NC littered with terminated instances files
#15 Polled notifications service requests should not be logged
#16 Recursive DNS lookups fail for some deployments
#17 S3 connection closed after GET requests without connection close header
#18 S3 performs blocking activities on netty io threads
#19 Storage controller eucalyptus-cloud service crashes when using ceph storage
#20 Node controller should not change umask
#21 tools/config-no-polkit has a runtime error if there are duplicate configuration entries
#23 Auto scaling launch activities do not backoff when there are running instances in the group
#24 ELB instance does not update state
#26 Eucalyptus cloud service should not attempt to resolve on start