Create Load Balancer - Instances

This step allows you to associate availability zones (or VPC subnets, if cloud is VPC) and add instances to your new load balancer. Adding availability zones allows the load balancer to route traffic to instances in the selected zone(s). Similarly, if on a VPC network, adding a VPC subnet allows traffic to instances in the selected VPC subnet(s).

  1. Click the Add availability zones or Add VPC subnets text field to search and select a zone or subnet from the drop-down list. Repeat to add more availability zones or subnets.
  2. The ability to select Enable cross-zone load balancing is only present for a load balancer not on a VPC network. This option evenly distributes traffic across all instances in all availability zones.
  3. Select from the list of instances to specify between which instances to balance traffic.
    You may use the Magic Search bar to narrow down the list of instances by specifying the availability zone (or VPC subnet), security group, or status.
    Selecting an instance automatically adds that instance to the availability zone or VPC subnet field above and the number of instances selected is reflected in the Summary pane on the right side of the screen.
  4. Click Next to proceed to the Health Check & Advanced tab.