Manage Elastic IP Addresses

Your Eucalyptus cloud can offer elastic IP addresses that you can associate with your running instances. This page allows you to view a list of your available elastic IP addresses, allocate new elastic IP addresses, associate and disassociate elastic IP addresses with running instances, and release elastic IP addresses.

Changing the View

You can toggle between the table view and the grid view by clicking the appropriate icon next to the View label at the top right of the screen.

Sorting the Elastic IPs List

Sort the list of elastic IPs by selecting a sort order using the Sort by drop-down list box.

Searching and Filtering the Elastic IP List

  1. To perform a simple search/filter, type some search text into the search text box at the top right of the page.
  2. For more precise filtering and searching, you can add one or more filters by clicking one of the available filters in the Filter by section on the right side of the page.

Allocate an Elastic IP Address

Click the Allocate Elastic IP Addresses button to allocate one or more elastic IP addresses.

Viewing Details of a IP Address

Several items in the snapshot list allow you to click on them to see more detailed information.

To see more details about an IP address or associated object:
  1. Click the IP address to display detailed information.
  2. If there's an instance associated with an IP address, you can click on the instance ID to display detailed information about the instance.


Each entry in the eips list has a context menu, accessible in the Actions column. Clicking the action icon brings up a menu of actions that you can perform on the selected IP address.

The following context menu actions are available:

Associate with instance

This selection allows you to associate the selected IP address with a running instance.

Disassociate from instance

This selection allows you to disassociate the IP address from an instance.

Release to cloud

This item releases the selected IP address back to the cloud.