Images Landing Page

This screen allows you to view a list of your images and launch a configuration from an image. Use the scroll bar to view additional images not in the browser's current view.


As one of the resources not available as a tile on the dashboard, you can access a list of images by clicking the IMAGES menu selection icon (power symbol) from the left navigation bar:

Images icon

Change the Information Displayed

A variety of ways to display information is available from this page.

You can use the search feature to display only information important to you; and use the sort and views to manipulate how the information is displayed:
  • Change the view. You can toggle between the table view and the grid view by clicking the appropriate icon next to the View label at the top right of the screen.
  • Sort the list. In the table view, sort the list by name using the arrow icon next to the NAME column to toggle between ascending and descending sort order.
  • Search and filter. To perform a simple search/filter, type some search text into the search text box above the list.

View Image Details

You can see details about an image, such as its status, EMI name, and the platform it runs on.

To see more details about an image:
  1. Click the name in the list of images to display detailed information about the selected image.
  2. In the Actions column, click the action icon (・・・) for the snapshot you want to view and select View details.
    The details page for the selected image opens.


Two Action operations are available from the Images landing page:

  • The More Actions button
  • The action icon (・・・)
  1. The More Actions button above the list of images has a context menu that allow you to apply an action to a particular image or multiple images.
    1. Select one image and the View details, Launch instance, and the Create launch configuration options are available.
    2. Select multiple images from the list and depending on the circumstances of all the selected images, some options may be available and not others:
      • The Remove from cloud option is only available if the logged-in account/user is the owner of the image(s).
      • If all the selected images are in the process of being created, the Cancel image creation option is available
      • If the selected images are in different states, no options may be available.
  2. Each entry in the images list has a context menu, accessible from the Actions column. Clicking the action icon brings up a menu of actions that you can perform on the selected image:
    1. View details. Brings up the detail page for selected image. This option is available whether the image is available or in the process of being created.
    2. Launch instance. This option is only available if the image is available. Opens the Launch new instance wizard that allows you to launch an instance using the selected image.
    3. Create launch configuration. A launch configuration is used to define the parameters for new images that are launched as part of an auto scaling group. This option is only available if the image is available. Selecting this option opens the Create new launch configuration wizard.
      Note: For more information on Auto Scaling, see Using Auto Scaling in the Eucalyptus User Guide.
    4. Cancel image creation. Cancels any images that are in the process of being created (status "pending").
    5. Remove from cloud. This option is used to clean up images that are no longer needed. Once removed, an image becomes de-registered but can be re-registered if its snapshot has not been deleted. This option is only available if the image is available. Selecting this option displays the Remove image from cloud confirmation dialog box.