Scaling Group Detail - Instances

An Auto Scaling group defines the parameters for the Eucalyptus instances that are used for scaling, as well as the minimum, maximum, and desired number of instances to use for Auto Scaling your application. This tab allows you to view and manage the instances associated with the selected scaling group.

  1. To manage instances (launch configurations) currently associated with your scaling group, click the link to the launch configuration inside the instance's tile to access its details page.
  2. Refer to the Help on the Details for launch configuration page for additional instructions.

Instances context menu actions

Each tile in the instances list has a context menu. Clicking the action icon (a row of three dots) in the upper right corner of a policy tile brings up a menu of actions that you can perform on the selected instance.

The following context menu actions are available:
  • View details. Select this option to view the details page for the selected instance.
  • Mark unhealthy. Select this option to mark an instance as unhealthy. This will cause auto scaling to terminate the instance and launch a new instance to replace it.
  • Terminate. Select this option to terminate the selected instance.