The user Section

The user section of the Euca2ools configuration file contains account credentials and keys for a specific user. A user section can be referenced in a region section definition so that user's credentials will be used when the region is specified on the command line using the --region option.

The following table lists the possible parameters that you can specify in the user section of the Euca2ools configuration file:

Parameter Description
account-id The user's numeric account number / ID.
key-id The user's access key ID. Most commands require an access key ID, along with a secret key.
secret-key The user's secret key. Most commands require a secret key, along with an access key ID.
certificate The user's signing certificate, which euca-bundle-image uses when bundling images.
private-key The user's private key, which euca-bundle-image and euca-unbundle use when bundling and unbundling images.