Walrus and Storage

This topic contains information about Walrus-related problems and solutions.

Walrus decryption failed.
On Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, kernel version 2.6.32-31 includes a bug that prevents Walrus from decrypting images. This can be determined from the following line in cloud-output.log
BadPaddingException: pad block corrupted

If you are running this kernel:

  1. Update to kernel version 2.6.32-33 or higher.
  2. De-register the failed image (euca-deregister).
  3. Re-register the bundle that you uploaded (euca-register <bucket>/<manifest>).
Walrus physical disk is not large enough.
  1. Stop the CLC.
  2. Add a disk.
  3. Migrate your data.

Make sure you use LVM with your new disk drive(s).