Known Issues

The following table lists behavioral changes and known issues that exist in Euca2ools 3.0.0. Please contact Eucalyptus support for workarounds or prescriptive guidance for these issues. You can use the support portal or email us directly at

Issue Description
New behavior: the euca-register command now requires a name parameter (TOOLS-298) The euca-register command now requires a name parameter using the -n/--name argument.
Bundles generated by euca-bundle-image don't work with EC2 (TOOLS-294) Use EC2 tools to bundle the image for compatibility.
New behavior: we are no longer using M2Crypto (TOOLS-160) euca2ools no longer uses the M2Crypto library.
euca-bundle-vol rsync crosses filesystems (TOOLS-105) The euca-bundle-vol command will sync all mounted filesystems.
Format for account/user/group listing is inconsistent (TOOLS-79) The format used when listing accounts and users differs from the format used for groups.
Euca2ools configuration sources prioritization (TOOLS-44) Euca2ools now choose configuration sources with this priority:
  1. Command line argument
  2. File in the user's home dir (~/.eucarc)
  3. Systemwide config file (/etc/euca2ools/eucarc)
  4. Environment variables
Please see 'Environment Variables Order of Precedence' in the 'Configuring Euca2ools' section of the Euca2ools 3.0.0 Reference Guide for more information.