Resolved Issues

Euca2ools 3.0.0 resolves issues listed in the following table.

Issue Description
TOOLS-273 euca-bundle-vol should not require access keys
TOOLS-270 euca-get-password with an invalid pk returns a confusing error message
TOOLS-186 euca-describe-instances doesn't show block device or volume information for BFEBS-backed instances
TOOLS-185 Multiple block device mappings for the same device are silently dropped
TOOLS-177 eustore-install-image -- BotoClientError: Bucket names cannot contain upper-case characters
TOOLS-174 Prevent boto 2.6 from validating server certs by default
TOOLS-173 Multiple filter values are ignored (--filter option)
TOOLS-170 generated man page for euca-run-instances has incorrect long-option --instance-count
TOOLS-150 Unclear error message when running eustore-install-image
TOOLS-134 Please implement --instance-initiated-shutdown-behavior
TOOLS-88 euca-bundle-vol does not request for architecture as ec2-bundle-vol does.
TOOLS-81 euca-delete-bundle should explicitly say when the given manifest doesn't exist
TOOLS-55 euca-register-image always displays i386 as an architecture if the -a option is specified.