Enable NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP

This topic describes how to configure the NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP SAN block storage backend for the Storage Controller (SC).


For more information on NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP, see NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP: An Introduction.

To configure NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP block storage for the zone, run the following commands on the CLC
  1. Configure the SC to use NetApp for EBS:
    euctl ZONE.storage.blockstoragemanager=netapp

    The output of the command should be similar to:

  2. Verify that the property value is now: 'netapp'
    euctl ZONE.storage.blockstoragemanager 
  3. Verify that the SC is listed; note that it may be in the broken state:
    euserv-describe-services --filter service-type=storage
  4. Wait for the SC to transition to 'notready' or 'disabled' states.
  5. On the CLC, enable NetApp SAN support in Eucalyptus by entering the Vserver's hostname or IP address, the username and password of the administrator account, CHAP username and Vserver name.
    Note: Eucalyptus uses Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) for disk operations. The CHAP username can be any value, however it should be unique when sharing a NetApp Vserver across multiple Eucalyptus clusters.
    Note: CHAP support for NetApp was added in Eucalyptus 3.3. The SC will not transition to ENABLED state until the CHAP username is configured.
    euctl ZONE.storage.sanhost=Vserver_IP_address 
    euctl ZONE.storage.sanuser=Vserver_admin_username 
    euctl ZONE.storage.sanpassword=Vserver_admin_password 
    euctl ZONE.storage.chapuser=Chap_username
    Note: The following command may fail if tried immediately after configuring the block storage manager. Retry the command a few times, pausing for a few seconds after each retry:
    euctl ZONE.storage.vservername=Vserver_name
  6. Wait for the SC to transition to ENABLED state.
    Note: The SC must be in the ENABLED state before configuring the following properties.
  7. If no aggregate is set, Eucalyptus will query the NetApp Vserver for all available aggregates and use the one that has the highest capacity (free space) by default. To make Eucalyptus use specific aggregate(s) configure the following property:
    euctl ZONE.storage.aggregate=aggregate_1_name, aggregate_2_name,...

    If you want Eucalyptus to use the smallest aggregate first configure the following property:

    euctl ZONE.storage.uselargestaggregate=false
  8. Set an IP address for the iSCSI data LIF on the ENABLED CLC. This is used for NCs performing disk operations on the Vserver.
    euctl ZONE.storage.ncpaths=IP
  9. Set an IP address for the iSCSI data LIF on the ENABLED CLC. This is used by the SC for performing disk operations on the Vserver. The SC connects to the data LIFs on the Vserver in order to transfer snapshots to objectstorage during snapshot operations.
    euctl ZONE.storage.scpaths=IP
Your NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP SAN backend is now ready to use with Eucalyptus.