SAN Support

Eucalyptus includes optional, subscription only support for integrating enterprise-grade SAN (Storage Area Network) hardware devices into a Eucalyptus cloud.

Note: Storage SANs are deprecated as of Eucalyptus 4.4; to be removed in a future release.

SAN support extends the functionality of the Eucalyptus Storage Controller (SC) to provide a high performance data conduit between VMs running in Eucalyptus and attached SAN devices. Eucalyptus dynamically manages SAN storage without the need for the administrator to manually allocate and de-allocate storage, manage snapshots or set up data connections.

High-level architecture of Eucalyptus with SAN Support Extended functionality of the Eucalyptus Storage Controller (SC) allows for integration of enterprise-grade SAN devices into a Eucalyptus cloud. VMs running in Eucalyptus link directly to attached SANs, thus avoiding I/O communication bottlenecks of the physical host.

Eucalyptus with SAN support allows you to:

To use Eucalyptus with supported SAN storage, you must decide whether administrative access can be provided to Eucalyptus to control the SAN. If this is possible in your environment, Eucalyptus can automatically and dynamically manage SAN storage.

Eucalyptus supports these SAN devices:

See the Compatibility Matrix in the Release Notes for supported versions.