Resolved Issues

Eucalyptus 3.2.1 resolves issues listed in the following table.

Issue Description
EUCA-4728 partitioned.lock may be created when there is only one CLC
EUCA-4692 User console: Footer copyright text needs updating for 2013
EUCA-4634 Need to fix compilation warnings for c code
EUCA-4603 console.ini should be packaged as %config(noreplace)
EUCA-4571 User Console hard-codes 8443 for admin GUI link
EUCA-4544 fault 1006.xml is missing
EUCA-4538 text on allocate IP button (IP Addresses landing page) is incorrect
EUCA-4536 associate address dialog missing "*Required fields" text
EUCA-4403 BFEBS instances losing public ips after entering running state
EUCA-4366 Hard failure in an HA setup w/ a shared frontend can lead to interminable failover times
EUCA-4348 Attaching EBS volumes does not work if NCs are registered using hostnames
EUCA-4339 Instance Landing column header for IPs ambiguous after change to support hostnames
EUCA-4271 BFEBS run instance failure. RollbackException: Error while committing the transaction
EUCA-4268 RebootInstances does not work on multiple instances
EUCA-4253 iptables-preload is not honored when CC are in HA mode and failover happens
EUCA-4112 Eternal pending when CC image cache set to Zero
EUCA-3693 Eucalyptus should not use /var/run to save iptables-preload
EUCA-3621 storage.snappercent property => description of purpose and how can it be used
EUCA-3540 ARP request should be sent when elastic IP is mapped from one cluster to another
EUCA-2973 new enabled CC in HA does not do ARP announcement after a failure
EUCA-2281 VNET_DNS value is not the only DNS IP in resolv.conf
EUCA-2184 EBS backed stopped instances still reports IPs
EUCA-1970 "error=12" cache problems occur with new blobstore engine
EUCA-1057 second euca-deregister doesn't deregister the image completely