What's New?

Eucalyptus 3.3.0 introduces the following new features.

Feature Description
Tagging and Filtering Eucalyptus allows you to create metadata for your cloud resources using tags. You can then filter resources based on the tags you created. For information about tagging and filtering, see the Using Tags and Filters in the User Guide.
Scaling Eucalyptus allows you to automatically add or delete instances based on demand. For information about scaling, see the Using Auto Scaling in the User Guide.
Monitoring Eucalyptus provides monitoring to manage and publish various metrics, as well as to configure alarm actions based on those metrics. For information about monitoring, see the Using CloudWatch in the User Guide.
Load Balancing Eucalyptus provides load balancing to distribute incoming traffic across your cloud. For information about load balancing, see the Using Elastic Load Balancing in the User Guide.
New VM Types Eucalyptus adds support for more VM types. For information about VM types, see the Virtual Machine Types in the User Guide.
EBS-Backed Images and Instances Eucalyptus introduces improvements in Elastic block store (EBS) backed image registration and instances. For details, please go to Boot from EBS Changes in Eucalyptus 3.3.