Resolved Issues

Eucalyptus 3.3.0 resolves issues listed in the following table.

Issue Description
EUCA-5822 Upgrades startup does not initially create new component databases for newly added components
EUCA-5772 delete_on_terminate fails when instance is stopped before termination
EUCA-5737 Console UI has issues with IE 8/9/10
EUCA-5686 RunInstances should enforce minimum boot from EBS snapshot sizes
EUCA-5603 CLC and CC default DNS domains are incompatible
EUCA-5429 Enable CHAP for NetApp
EUCA-5418 User Console: Unable to assign elastic IP assigned to another instance
EUCA-5368 IAM Policy Uses Account Name Instead of Account ID
EUCA-5340 Paste-in is not working for "Associate IP" from instance landing page
EUCA-5338 Eucalyptus Reporting: Usage information incorrect
EUCA-5337 NC: race for hypervisor connection leads to non-deterministic failures
EUCA-5270 When Instance Fails to Launch it stays in pending indefinitely
EUCA-5132 user console login page not displaying page-level help
EUCA-5130 Volume remains in DELETING state after euca-create-volume/euca-delete-volume test
EUCA-4943 Add support for EC2 2012-12-01 version
EUCA-4932 Failed to launch instance after deleting snapshot associated with an image as non-root ebs mapping
EUCA-4874 remove access key requirement from tokens for user console authentication
EUCA-4845 Link the user console's version to /VERSION in the source tree
EUCA-4750 Cloud property being unset causes euca-describe-properties display to be broken
EUCA-4724 Remove walrus and sc stats log files
EUCA-4542 register snapshot as instance has no help
EUCA-4276 igroup Mis-management Regarding NetApp SAN Adapter
EUCA-4272 walrus_request_timeout may hang and impact unrelated instances
EUCA-4244 Should support images with multiple device mappings
EUCA-4243 User input lost when registering image with multiple device mappings
EUCA-4229 After hitting maximum snapshot limit the cloud still sees snapshots
EUCA-4211 Private network index allocation is not thread safe
EUCA-4136 Remove because it is vestigial
EUCA-4105 Binding namespace substitution substitutes message content instead of namespace.
EUCA-4081 metadata service incorrect for BFEBS instance
EUCA-3958 NC starts when an invalid VNET_MODE is specified
EUCA-3703 Reporting subsystem hardcodes lists of VM types
EUCA-3659 Walrus REST API does not canonicalize x-amz-headers properly
EUCA-3405 AuthorizeSecurityGroupIngress doesn't support newer parameter scheme
EUCA-3373 Adding additional keys to eucalyptus admin user, breaks ability to use admin commands with new keys
EUCA-3271 EBS Backed instance always have an ephemeral disk
EUCA-3254 RunInstances api call needs to support multiple block device mappings
EUCA-2402 Remove test code from packages
EUCA-2329 CLC always return A response for AAAA or TXT DNS query
EUCA-1756 Kernel, ramdisk images are not owned by the accounts who register them