Resolved Issues

Eucalyptus 3.3.1 resolves issues listed in the following table.

Issue Description
SAN-66 NetApp Cluster Mode - Volume creation fails when aggregates are configured in Eucalyptus
EUCA-7220 models/zone(s) duplicates functionality of models/availabilityzone(s)
EUCA-7137 ListVersions for Bucket returns NPE from WalrusManager line 3461
EUCA-7069 Missing brackets cause vnetAddDev to always return EUCA_INVALID_ERROR
EUCA-7035 UI can't authorize user with @ in a password.
EUCA-7034 Typo in cache refresh causes stale data for users
EUCA-6946 unconfigured ELB responds to some calls properly, but not all
EUCA-6938 NC gives out internal error when trying to terminate a non-existing instance
EUCA-6933 Add support for EC2 2013-06-15 API version
EUCA-6915 After delete operation on Volumes Landing page in Firefox, the volume disappears from landing page, when its state is, in fact "Pending"
EUCA-6907 Equallogic - Volumes fail to attach after CHAP user is modified
EUCA-6865 create snapshot volume field should accept only valid volumes from the drop down list or volume IDs that match something in the drop down list
EUCA-6818 After Upgrading from 3.2.2 to 3.3, RightAWS API call to start EBS-backed instances returned an error
EUCA-6779 Console shows "0 images" while loading
EUCA-6754 non-windows OS not displaying in image expando data
EUCA-6753 If desired capacity set to zero, once all instances are terminated the > AS group no longer appears in the Scaling Groups tab
EUCA-6697 running and clearing search facets extremely slow on ECC
EUCA-6588 Terminating EBS backed instance during volume creation causes volume to stay in deleting
EUCA-6571 Error modifying service state in HA
EUCA-6550 Installed licences/Jars not consistent
EUCA-6549 Unable to register Walrus - 'NoneType' object is not callable
EUCA-6543 The admin console does not provide the correct error message when a password has expired.
EUCA-6530 Tooltip text incorrect for "Instance name(s)" field on Launch Instance wizard
EUCA-6510 create volume fails on Chrome when "none" set as snapshot Id
EUCA-6504 Hosts.entrySet(): Logging every 2 seconds at INFO
EUCA-6500 instance landing expando: volumes should show name if available
EUCA-6499 should not have to ESC after using magic search bar
EUCA-6492 Authorization fails when using security token with Signature V4
EUCA-6484 the attach volume dialog displays all the volumes regardless of the availability zones
EUCA-6480 Replace dataholder with in launch instance wizard
EUCA-6475 User console dashboard doesn't pick up zones change
EUCA-6456 User should be able to set the limit for request timeouts
EUCA-6400 In multi-cluster configuration, migrations using --source broken for all clusters but first registered.
EUCA-6300 Tag edit does not get canceled when delete/undelete is performed on other tags
EUCA-6242 After Upgrading from 3.2.2 to 3.3.0, Eucalyptus DNS fails to resolve
EUCA-6226 User Console: In Images tab, the "Name" column should be renamed Image to match other screens
EUCA-6215 Get Console Output Dialog breaks on instance's long name
EUCA-6214 Long names in snapshot landing page breaks the table
EUCA-6177 Volume ID validation error message is not aligned with the input box
EUCA-6173 Manage tag dialog's validation error message should be displayed directly under the errored tag
EUCA-6160 FindBugs: CloudWatch unsafely shares SimpleDateFormat between threads
EUCA-5969 Autocomplete sets "Attach as device" to "/dev/sdf" even when device is in use
EUCA-5863 Attaching volume shows up as available in the drop-down
EUCA-5772 delete_on_terminate fails when instance is stopped before termination
EUCA-5584 instance metadata gives 404 for
EUCA-5547 launch instance wizard does not validate input for number of instances to launch
EUCA-5430 Bogus Error Message when creating security group that already exists
EUCA-5320 Attach volume to instance: "Attach" button not clickable after volume-id have been pasted in
EUCA-5256 ec2-metadata not grabbing all data
EUCA-4964 instance creation fails on blobstore.c
EUCA-4815 user console should validate size of user data against max allowable size for euca
EUCA-4541 create security group button text should say Create group
EUCA-4504 USER-CONSOLE: When importing keypair, no error message gets displayed to inform that it's not allowed to click "import" button when using ' as part of its name.
EUCA-4338 More Actions button does not pick up on hover styling
EUCA-4337 attach volume from instance landing should filter volumes to those in same AZ as selected instance
EUCA-4329 Metadata Service - hostname should match local-hostname
EUCA-4222 Incorrect error creating volume with large size
EUCA-3110 Cloud controller listen ports should be predictable
EUCA-2770 if eucalyptus controls DNS, there should be an A record to instance-data.<subdomain>.internal and PTR record for
EUCA-1556 metadata: null point exception when accessing
EUCA-1555 metadata: 'mac' category is not supported
BROKER-17 VB: do not assume that VM has a non-empty annotation