What's New?

New Features

Eucalyptus 4.1.0 introduces the following new features.

Feature Description
Tech preview support for Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) This release adds limited technical preview support for Virtual Private Clouds (VPC). For more information, see Using Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
Support for CloudFormation This release adds support for CloudFormation. For more information, see Using CloudFormation.
New Management Console features We've added or enhanced support for image management, S3 storage management and account administration to the Eucalyptus Management Console. For more information, see Management Console Overview.
Preliminary support for client request log tracking Client request log tracking makes it easier to troubleshoot issues in your cloud by assigning a unique identifier to each client request. This identifier can be traced throughout the system to help debug problems.

For more information, see the Tracking Eucalyptus Requests, Using LogTracker for Troubleshooting, and Using Rsyslog to Aggregate Logs.

Tech preview for Ceph-RBD Integration This version of Eucalyptus adds limited tech preview support for Ceph-RBD integration. This will provide block-storage services for the Eucalyptus EBS service, which exposes block devices to VM instances for persistent block-level storage. For more information, see Configure the Storage Controller.
New instance status checks You can now query Eucalyptus for EC2 status information. We also modified the behavior for instance restoration. Cloud users can now find out operational status information on their instances for themselves, and administrators have better visibility of system status. For more information, see the euca-describe-instance-status reference topic in the Euca2ools Guide.

Deprecated Features

The following table lists deprecated Eucalyptus features.

Feature Description
VMware support Support for VMWare features in Eucalyptus has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.