Known Issues

The following known issues exist in Eucalyptus 4.1.0 and its dependencies. Please contact Eucalyptus support for known workarounds to these issues.

New known issues for this release:

Issue Description
Non-latin characters are not validated in keypair name and triggers HTTP 500 (GUI-1524)

Using non-Latin characters in some object names can trigger an HTTP 500 error.

Workaround: avoid using non-Latin characters in resource names.

Ensure unicode strings are used in str.format() calls to avoid HTTP 500 errors with non-Latin characters (GUI-1559)

Non-latin characters in resource names can trigger HTTP 500 errors on various pages. Affected resources include snapshots, key pairs, security groups, scaling groups, and launch configurations".

Workaround: avoid using non-Latin characters in resource names.

Cannot login to UI when console.ini setting 'session.cookie_expires' set at or below 28800 (GUI-1592)

See linked bug for more information.

euare-userlistcerts --as-account XXX does not print certificates for this account (EUCA-10401)

Specifying the --as-account parameter with the euare-userlistcerts command only outputs certificates for the user who runs the command (euca-admin).

Workaround: use the -u option instead.

Load Balancer Doesn't Register Instances from AutoScaling Group.(EUCA-9419)

If an autoscaling group is created and associated to an ELB, the Load Balancer doesn't register the instances that are part of the autoscaling group..

Workaround: Instances can be added to a Load Balancer by using the eulb-register-instances-with-lb command-line utility.

eucanetd can not start dhcpd due to udp port binding conflict from dnsmasq.(EUCA-10166)

In some instances the dhcpd process for the hypervisor's default network is conflicting with eucanetd's ability to run dhcpd, possibly due to a port conflict. This appears to be a recent change in dhcpd which will not allow the two servers to bind to the same UDP port.

Suggested workaround: the default network for the hypervisor should be destroyed and/or the hypervisor's dnsmasq process killed. Please see the attached bug for an example.

Outstanding known issues from previous releases:

Issue Description
Instances with BDM don't start with direct ESXi connection (EUCA-9724)

The bfEBS instance with BDM does not work in direct ESXi connection configuration. The same command works correctly with connections via vCenter.