What's New?

This topic lists new features in Eucalyptus 4.3.0.

New Features

Feature Description
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (RHEL 7) support. RHEL7 is the supported deployment OS.
  • Libraries repackaged for use with RHEL 7 that alleviate certain dependencies on obsoleted java libraries.
  • Eucalyptus can now run confined by SELinux on RHEL 7.
For more information, see Upgrading Eucalyptus and the OS
Security improvements. Notable security hardening measures have been implemented in 4.3.0:
  • Eucalyptus can now run in confined mode on UFS and other eucalyptus-cloud-based processes.
  • Usage of Jetty is removed along with the Jetty libraries and associated credential download functionality.
  • Eucalyptus can now run confined by SELinux on RHEL 7
Removed reverse DNS dependency of eucanetd in VPCMIDO mode. Allows administrators to register NCs to a back-end network instead of a routable front-end network. This only affects VPCMIDO mode.
EC2 API Compatibility: Instance termination protection. Instance termination protection is now supported; allowing you to prevent accidental termination of your EC2 instances via Euca2ools, or API.
Switch multicast from globally scoped to locally scoped address range. The multicast addresses that the CLC uses for jgroups membership changed from a globally-scoped multicast address range, to a configurable option and the default be addresses that are in the administratively-scoped range.
Support for IAM policy variables. The use of policy variables simplifies the writing of policies when exact names of resources are unknown.
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) improvements. Notable improvements in VPC include:
  • Internal ELB in VPC
  • NAT Gateway
  • Custom route table
  • Multiple ENIs
CloudFormation improvements. Update stack supported both in euca2ools and the Management Console.
CloudWatch in the Management Console. The Management Console has improved alarms, metrics, and monitoring management.
View scaling history added to Management Console. Added the ability to view scaling activity (history) to scaling group details page.
Usability improvements. Notable improvements in the Management Console include:
  • Left navigation bar
  • Multi-select check boxes on resource landing pages
  • Support for sortable tables on landing pages
  • Tabbed pages display single help relevant to tab contents