Resolved Issues

This topic lists previous issues resolved by Eucalyptus 4.3.0 and

Issue Description
EUCA-2171 Unified Logging request... was:jetty-request-2012_05_21.log found in /var/log/eucalyptus What is it for?
EUCA-2220 Some Euare NotAuthorized error messages are incorrect
EUCA-4526 Upgrade hardcodes eucalyptus (database) user
EUCA-6126 Jetty service appears in the list of public services
EUCA-7340 S3 IAM ARN wildcard causes ACL issues for bucket objects
EUCA-7971 After Syncing Large Number of LDAP Users, Timeout Occurs When Attempting to Delete Account
EUCA-8805 500 error that probably should be flagged as server error (5xx)
EUCA-8971 Role names should not be allowed to be longer than 64 characters
EUCA-9047 euca-describe-services with invalid service name hangs
EUCA-10356 physical core/memory overriding logic produces an incorrect warning
EUCA-10503 Remove Jetty / credential download
EUCA-10522 SignalResource support in cloudformation
EUCA-10551 eucanetd -f can spin forever in certain states
EUCA-10754 Running instance in non-existing SG throws InternalFailure
EUCA-10821 CreateRoute requires a mandatory internet gateway ID
EUCA-10890 Trying to delete a nonexistent access key results in 500s
EUCA-11044 Raise a clear error why actions cannot be performed due to migration in progress.
EUCA-11223 Wildcard value for 'account' resources in ARNs Are Not Supported
EUCA-11260 Use of region configuration file with only 'Regions' or misspelled 'Region' element returns vague error
EUCA-11265 Malformed 'CertificateFingerprintDigest' should return more descriptive error
EUCA-11306 EC2 response incorrect when Version parameter not present in request
EUCA-11381 VPC instances require access to user-api machines for DNS service
EUCA-11412 VPC - Max subnet cidr netmask should be limited to 16-28 bits.
EUCA-11423 Cloudformation: AWS::EC2::Image::Id not allowed as parameter type
EUCA-11506 MANAGED* Network Modes: NC Gate of instance run on network readiness
EUCA-11523 enhance error message: "Migrating instance i-ce0e95fd failed because of: ERROR"
EUCA-11524 ELB access logs collection fails when logs prefix contains an uppercase letter
EUCA-11535 clcadmin-initialize-cloud should print positive message on success
EUCA-11668 selinux check in eucalyptus-nc startup script is too strict
EUCA-11727 Instance manifest was changed after registration
EUCA-11741 DeleteKey Returns Odd Message When Deleting from Non-Native Region
EUCA-11793 Create default VPC if it does not exist before imaging stack creation
EUCA-11804 "snapshot creating" Logged messages need more context.
EUCA-11821 Authentication for users fails when password contains a semicolon
EUCA-11837 PROPERTY MGMT - www properties cleanup
EUCA-11934 eucanetd VPCMIDO - security group rules with ICMP type:code not implemented correctly
EUCA-11960 euca-authorize -t 1:65535 should not be permitted
EUCA-12033 NC fails to adopt instance in case of connect iscsi failure
EUCA-12061 VPC - eucanetd can use incorrect host-port when configuring router with multiple gateways
EUCA-12110 Admin tools that previously emitted deprecation warnings, including euca_conf and those beginning with "euca," have been removed
EUCA-12113 euca-authorize for ICMP/TCP/UDP protocol should throw exception about missing portRange
EUCA-12135 Metadata returns 404 for on VPC
EUCA-12143 Cannot detach volume from migrated instance
EUCA-12177 Setting account address quota causes extra addresses to be allocated.
EUCA-12205 Availability Zones have a hard coded maximum of 2048 instances.
EUCA-12206 Updating ELB properties (keyname, emi, ..) does not update the autoscaling groups for existing ELBs
EUCA-12221 The deprecation warnings from commands beginning with "eureport" have been removed.
EUCA-12247 BundleInstance Fails From Remote Client on Federated HTTPS-enabled Setup
EUCA-12269 sensor memory allocation is incorrect in /util/sensor.c
EUCA-12352 elb dns name does not resolve
EUCA-12396 AWS Signature Version 4 url getting "Invalid credential (missing part)" error when using "query strings"
EUCA-12416 EC2 unknown instance not terminated
EUCA-12419 A server error occurred when calling the CopyObject operation
EUCA-12483 IAM region federation cannot administer accounts between regions
EUCA-12608 Instance cannot ping its own public IP address
EUCA-12681 EDGE process descriptor leak []
EUCA-12694 error unpacking uncompressed instances []
GUI-1521 add ability to view scaling activity (history) to scaling group details page
GUI-1680 Change of password for admin@eucalyptus results in internal server error when new password is less than 6 characters long
GUI-1692 Bucket icons on buckets landing page are misplaced on IE
GUI-1782 Start memcached to listen only on unix domain socket, not network
GUI-2158 ELB security policy dialog doesn't reflect current policy
GUI-2170 Include some page information in title for better browser history.
GUI-2176 No error if Instance Name tag is used when Name field is blank
GUI-2210 Check boxes on Create New User should be checked by default
GUI-2220 Security groups not aligned when creating launch configuration from instance
GUI-2225 JS Error in Launch Instance Wizard
GUI-2226 "Select or type to enter account/user" on Bucket Details page does not inform user that ID is required for sharing with single account
GUI-2249 ELB Wizard 'Next' button always appears enabled.
GUI-2256 "!" in Error icon out of bounds in Windows/IE
GUI-2274 CF invalid link after AWS template import
GUI-2276 Console attempts to create ELB twice using IE11
GUI-2329 Check mark and exclamation point are off centered on alert messages using IE11
GUI-2348 In GUI, wrong message displayed for windows instance under connect to instance option.
GUI-2362 Console throws 500 error when stopping an EBS-backed instance
GUI-2384 Cannot find instance_id from the Elastic IP Detail page dialog box when instance is named
GUI-2400 Duplicate 'Instance type' items shown on instance detail page when using EBS images
GUI-2402 Stack description out of bounds in tile view on Stacks landing page
GUI-2449 Missing field in Capacity area of Scaling Group Wizard General Tab
GUI-2687 In "create stack" wizard cloud formation template does not activate the "next" button
GUI-2697 Create Snapshot page shows detail page help as well as create help.