Install on CentOS / RHEL 7

To install the Eucalyptus 4.4 Management Console, complete the steps in this topic.

Important: python-nss cannot be installed on any system running the Management Console. And in certain CentOS/RHEL default installs (not the "minimal" but others), python-nss is installed by default. If the python-nss package is installed, remove it with "yum remove" or "rpm -e". The console will not operate correctly with this package installed. If you run software which requires python-nss, install the console on another system.
Install the Eucalyptus Management Console on CentOS and RHEL
Run the following command to install the Eucalyptus Management Console:
yum install eucaconsole

Your installation is now complete.

You are now ready to Configure the Eucalyptus Management Console.