Bundle, upload and register an image into the cloud.


euca-install-image -n name [--description description]
	[--max-pending-parts max_pending_parts]
	[--virtualization-type {paravirtual,hvm}]
	[--platform windows] [--ec2-url EC2_URL] -i filename
	[-p prefix] [-d dir] -r
		{i386,x86_64,armhf,ppc,ppc64} [-k filename] [-c filename]
	[--ec2cert filename] [-u account] [--kernel image_id]
	[--ramdisk image]
	[-B virtual1=device1,virtual2=device2,...]
	[--productcodes code1,code2,...]
	[--image-size image_size] -b bucket[/prefix]
	[--acl {public-read,aws-exec-read,ec2-bundle-read}]
	[--upload-policy policy | --upload-policy-file policy_file]
	[--upload-policy-signature signature]
	[--location location] [--retry]
	[--progress | --no-progress] 


Options Description Required
-n name The name of the new image. Yes
--description The description of the new image. No
--max-pending-parts max_parts Pause the bundling process when more than this number of parts are waiting to be uploaded. No
--virtualization-type type Virtualization type for the new image.

Valid values: paravirtual, hvm

--platform-windows [Privileged] Indicates the new image is based on Windows. No
--ec2-url Compute service endpoint URL No
-i file, --image file The file containing the image to bundle. Yes
-p prefix, --prefix prefix The file name prefix to give the bundle image files. Required when bundling stdin; otherwise defaults to the image's file name. Conditional
-d directory, --destination directory Directory where the bundle image files go. Eucalyptus recommends that you include this option where allowed. This is the directory specified by TMPDIR, TEMP, or TMP environment variables.

Default: /var/tmp

-r architecture, --arch architecture Target architecture for the image.

Default: x86_64

Valid values: i386 | x86_64 | armhf | ppc | ppc64

-k file, --privatekey file File containing your private key to sign the bundle's manifest with. This private key will also be required to unbundle the image in the future. No
-c file, --cert file File containing your X.509 certificate. No
--ec2cert file File containing your cloud's X.509 certificate. No
-u account,--user account 12-digit account ID of the person who is bundling the image. No
--kernel image ID of the kernel image to associate with this machine image. No
--ramdisk image ID of the ramdisk image to associate with this machine image. No
-B,--block-device-mapping Default block device mapping for the image. The format of the mapping is a comma-separated list of key=value pairs. No
-\-productcodescode1 [, code2, ...] Comma-delimited list of product codes. No
--image-size size The size of the image. Required when reading from stdin. Conditional
-b bucket[/PREFIX], --bucket bucket[/PREFIX] Bucket to upload the image bundle to. Yes
--acl policy ACL policy to apply to the bucket.

Default: aws-exec-read

Valid values: public-read,aws-exec-read,ec2-bundle-read

--upload-policy policy Upload policy to use for authorization. No
--upload-policy-file file File containing an upload policy to use for authorization. No
--upload-policy-signature policy signature for the upload policy. Required when an upload policy is used. Conditional
--location location Location constraint of the destination bucket.

Default: obtained from s3-location-constraint in configuration, or otherwise none.

--retry Retry failed uploads up to five times. No
--progress Show a progress bar during command execution. This is the default when this command is run interactively. No
--no-progress Do not show a progress bar during command execution. This is the default when this command is run non-interactively. No

Common Options

Option Description
--show-empty-fields Show empty fields as "(nil)".
--region user@region Region and/or user name to search when looking up config file data. Only valid for EC2 endpoints.
-U,--url url URL of the cloud service to connect to. For administrative commands, this should be <ip_address>:8773/services/Empyrean.
-I,--access-key-id key_id User's access key ID.
-S,--secret-key secret_key User's secret key.
--security-token token User's security token.
--debug Prints what the command sends to the server and what it receives from the server. Use when you're trying to debug Euca2ools.
--debugger Enable interactive debugger on error.
-h,--help Display the manual page for the command.
--version Display the version of this tool.


euca-install-image -n 'My image' -r x86_64 -b my-bukkit -i my-image.raw