What's New?

New Features

Eucalyptus 3.4.0 introduces the following new features.

Feature Description
Multi-cluster, Multi-hypervisor support Eucalyptus now supports VMware and KVM in the same cloud. For more information, see ....
Security Token Service (STS) compatability Eucalyptus now has limited support for STS. For STS schema documentation, see Schema Documentation.
Support for warm upgrades Eucalyptus no longer requires that you shut down instances when you upgrade. For information about upgrading Eucalyptus, see Eucalyptus Upgrade.
Deregistered images now automatically cleaned up Users no longer have to run the euca-deregister command twice. Deregistered images will be automatically cleaned up in the background with an interval configured by a new property in euca.conf:
cloud.images.cleanupperiod = 10m

The default value is 10 minutes. An image can only be cleaned up once it is no longer in use by any instances.

The cloud administrator can pass verbose to euca-describe-images to see the deregistered images, they will not otherwise be shown. The cloud administrator can also run the deregister command twice to force an immediate attempt at image cleanup.

New configuration property We added a new configuration property that allows unknown parameters to be ignored for all services or treated an an error for all services. For more information, see the bootstrap.webservices.unknown_parameter_handling property in Eucalyptus Configuration Variables.
New documentation We added new content to our documentation: Image Management Guide, Hybrid Guide, a new Security section in the Administration Guide, and schema documentation. For more information, see Documentation History.

Technology Preview Features

Technology Preview features provide early access to upcoming product innovations, enabling you to test functionality and provide feedback during the development process. However, these features are not fully supported under Eucalyptus Subscription Level Agreements, may not be functionally complete, and are not intended for production use.

Eucalyptus 3.4.0 introduces the following technology preview feature.

Feature Description
New Edge networking mode For more information, go to the wiki page for Edge Networking.