Resolved Issues

Eucalyptus 3.4.0 resolves issues listed in the following table.

Issue Description
EUCA-7950 UI is churning error messages into terminal when no session is open
EUCA-8060 Windows "Connect to Instance" issue
EUCA-7775 Test code should be removed from packages (VolumeEntitiesTest)
EUCA-7707 Remove "experimental" from DNS property settings as they were validated from 3.3.1 on
EUCA-7643 NetApp Fails To Delete Snapshots During Churn Test
EUCA-7642 NetApp Storage leaves eucalyptus snapshots (netapp volumes) in filer
EUCA-7548 edit scaling group properties does not seem to work
EUCA-7532 Manage Instances Landing page shows incorrect selection of number of instances on page
EUCA-7483 edit scaling group dialog has content for policies and membership tabs reversed
EUCA-7481 created alarm, did not display by default in the alarm dropdown in the policy creator fields
EUCA-7480 Unable to create policies for scaling groups.
EUCA-7474 Snapshot size can sometimes be recorded as 0
EUCA-7421 Odd Component Name Registration Behavior
EUCA-7415 Ephemeral disks not present with Vmware+BFEBS when requested in block device map
EUCA-7358 Valid AWS IAM Policy Document Not Accepted by Eucalyptus
EUCA-7356 create alarm dialog div uses "selected resource" class which messes up body font for validation error display
EUCA-7355 User with Launch Config containing a block device mapping can not log in to UI
EUCA-7338 Can not edit tag in tab of "Create new Security Group" dialog.
EUCA-7330 List of Launch Configurations should display name of security group instead of id in the table
EUCA-7321 ELB fails to update after registered instance address change
EUCA-7317 unreachable catch clause
EUCA-7313 typo - regaular should be regular in ui Login dialog
EUCA-7305 ELBs fail because of lack of internet connection due to NTP
EUCA-7291 Euca-bundle-instance does not restart instance with vmware
EUCA-7287 Reduce logging level for monitoring enabled message
EUCA-7284 When an Auto Scaling Group is deleted it disappears from the list, then shows up again, then disappears again
EUCA-7283 Help page for Edit Scaling Group dialog has Save and Cancel buttons.
EUCA-7281 No input validation for max and min in Auto Scaling Group edit properties
EUCA-7278 Error message is cut in two parts by image
EUCA-7274 euca-create-keypair allows non-ascii charactors
EUCA-7267 Only the edited tag shows up in Create New S. Group dialog called during instance launch, tags from previous launches inherited by new security group
EUCA-7259 iscsi session is left behind after terminating EBS backed instance
EUCA-7256 Remove any unnecessary Jetty dependencies
EUCA-7231 create security group dialog, add another rule button remains disabled even though all rule fields contain data
EUCA-7219 when you open a dialog it creates a horizontal scrollbar and that when you scroll down you get white instead of grey
EUCA-7207 authorize_security_group_deprecated returns 200 from port -1 to -1 on TCP and UDP
EUCA-7205 VMware Broker only reporting half of the cores per NC
EUCA-7184 Cleaning failed volume message printed every 10s per volume
EUCA-7174 Error/stacktrace logged when describing instance types
EUCA-7167 EBS volumes can't be mapped to partitions
EUCA-7150 euca-bundle-instance operations don't persist volume attachments correctly
EUCA-7135 EBS volumes are not found on guest after bundle instance
EUCA-7108 Displaying help wipes out user data on user console dialogs
EUCA-7107 euca-stop-instances returns nothing when instance type is instance-store
EUCA-7102 Remote SC initiates LDAP Sync Upon Start Up
EUCA-7101 axis2c.log contains spurious errors for x509 certificate
EUCA-7082 Eucalyptus allows euca-register to use the same name for image registration
EUCA-7067 Attach volume dialog does not validate zone
EUCA-7063 Walrus returns different result for authenticated-read ACL
EUCA-7059 Creating a bucket with an empty name does not cause a failure
EUCA-7058 Manage instances widget cannot delete multiple instances
EUCA-7020 User Console login page slow to render
EUCA-7019 Console kicks out the user in when he is in actively doing operations.
EUCA-7003 In Import Keypair dialog the "Name" input field can not be accessed by its id
EUCA-6969 creating volume with negative size results failed volume
EUCA-6968 cannot login to user console with account admin or user
EUCA-6870 GetObjectRequest withRange errors when invalid range is given
EUCA-6866 resource collection updates take too long to show up in console
EUCA-6851 Block devices specifed at start up time reported twice in DescribeInstances
EUCA-6782 Instance meta-data service should serve JSON for role security credentials
EUCA-6771 CreateRole api call gives bad request
EUCA-6756 LDAP: error code 4 - Sizelimit Exceeded when using LDAP/AD Integration
EUCA-6668 Elements from "More actions" drop-down don't trigger dialog, when clicked by id from Selenium IDE
EUCA-6667 Volume count on dashboard updates slowly
EUCA-6666 Dashboard count shows "0" resources incorrectly and then correct resource count when there are many resources created
EUCA-6665 System Mode run instance frequently error
EUCA-6664 Elements in tool bar (on top of every page) have no ui-id assigned to them.
EUCA-6663 Filters, keywords in search bar have dynamically assigned id that keeps incrementing with each call
EUCA-6587 When tag edit is canceled, the "before cancel" state of tags shows up briefly on resource
EUCA-6585 In Import Keypairs dialog has a duplicate in the background
EUCA-6584 Some elements on Dashboard can not be accessed via ID
EUCA-6583 Multiple copies of "help" created in the background in all dialogs
EUCA-6582 In the Manage Tag dialog the id of "General" and "Tag" tabs is of form ui-id-<some number> and <some number> is incremented with each call
EUCA-6574 CreateBucket invoked via REST returns a response in the body when it shouldn't
EUCA-6573 Error moving enabled eucalyptus service in HA using disable/enable
EUCA-6572 Eucalyptus service does not stay in the STOPPED state
EUCA-6568 When tags are added/deleted, expando shows new state, then old state, then new state again
EUCA-6566 Long ELB name results in invalid DNS name
EUCA-6565 Tags and security group rules should be displayed each time in the same order
EUCA-6564 the landing page update refreshes the clicked button on the table while opening a dialog
EUCA-6559 euca-deregister needs to be ran twice to de-register an image (doesn't match AWS behavior)
EUCA-6552 In "Manage Tags" dialog may be creating an extra copy of dialog in the background. Input fields need to be assigned ids.
EUCA-6551 Checkboxes on all pages that list resources have to be given ids.
EUCA-6520 User Console session.idle.timeout not honored
EUCA-6505 Cannot reach LB vm after changing listener
EUCA-6482 Rivets-base dialogs assign the same ID to all the big green buttons
EUCA-6479 Failed to marshall response to create volumes request
EUCA-6467 Make Install fails in eucalyptus/clc/eucadmin
EUCA-6462 Issue adding secondary CLC after upgrade
EUCA-6405 Click to sort on a pagnated table causes the table to return to the first page
EUCA-6375 CLC starts also when another postgresl process is running on the same port
EUCA-6319 You can add tags for non-existent groups:
EUCA-6318 Using group name with tagging, does not throw an error
EUCA-6218 vmware- Multiple devices in block device map only root device appears on guest
EUCA-6208 If Eucalyptus DNS is not enabled, AWS compatibility regarding bucket URLs is broken with Walrus
EUCA-6200 low on heap space memory after few hours of operation
EUCA-6100 Eucalyptus User Console Doesn't Show All Images When There Are a Large Number of Images (over 300)
EUCA-6075 Can't bundle the same instance twice
EUCA-5948 Changing LB VM emi in properties should update ASG launch configs
EUCA-5931 Load balancing module should not depend on cluster-manager or autoscaling modules
EUCA-5930 Auto scaling module should not depend on cluster-manager
EUCA-5845 CLC accepts invalid characters for resource names
EUCA-5818 Remove Guava multiple version hack from BindingCache
EUCA-5514 Walrus Response With Extra GetBucketAccessControlPolicyResponse Elements
EUCA-5513 Bucket ACLs Do Not Use Canonical User IDs
EUCA-5512 Walrus Doesn't Display Canonical User IDs and Display Name Correctly for Bucket ACLs when creating buckets, bucket ACLs with eucalyptus/admin user
EUCA-4710 StartInstances returns incorrect previousStates
EUCA-4399 Exceptions List in CLC references EC2 API Namespace 2008-08-08; Needs to be Updated to Reference the Latest Namespace Supported
EUCA-4269 euca-delete-group against an invalid group doesn't provide AWS compatible error
EUCA-4253 iptables-preload is not honored when CC are in HA mode and failover happens
EUCA-4247 clc takes a long time to respond to non-cloud-admin request vs cloud-admin
EUCA-4224 Errors logged when resources described by user
EUCA-4177 DB resource check exceptions in the log
EUCA-3854 Default kernel and ramdisk associated to BFEBS instances
EUCA-3464 DeregisterImage doesn't work when an instance of the image still exists
EUCA-3326 euca-bundle-instance does not work if the bucket already exists on Walrus
EUCA-3113 Spurious error logged repeatedly - Creating UUID for message which did not have it set correctly
EUCA-2274 Error logged when starting CLC/SC
EUCA-2048 Errors logged on startup for invalid TypeMappers
EUCA-1800 Remove images error message should be improved