Resolved Issues

This section lists previous issues resolved by Eucalyptus 4.2.0.

Issue Description
EUCA-2008 euca_conf: excessive credentials warnings should be optional
EUCA-2346 DescribeInstances api call result difference between AWS and Eucalyptus
EUCA-2428 Race condition when adding users
EUCA-3100 DescribeProperties fails to escape right angle braces
EUCA-3856 Eucalyptus keeps the previous IPs in VNET_PUBLICIPS even after the field is modified and CC cleanrestarted.
EUCA-4032 euca_conf behaves differently from equivalent euca-__ commands
EUCA-4045 Handling of credentials given at the command line is broken
EUCA-4083 Registration commands duplicate some debug output
EUCA-4341 Stop using M2Crypto for euca-get-credentials
EUCA-4587 Deprecate signature v1
EUCA-4630 euca_conf displays python error when using --debug option
EUCA-4963 boto - conn.get_image incompatibility with EC2
EUCA-5296 Use of boto.utils.find_class buries useful exceptions
EUCA-5339 Unable to download creds with euca_conf after changing https_port parameter
EUCA-5627 Clock skew errors should mention the server's current time
EUCA-5750 ELB: Vague error message when trying to add an instance that is in an AZ that the LB is not listening on
EUCA-5964 No error message when invalid DNS name is ignored
EUCA-6303 Sending multiple filters with same name is rejected
EUCA-6578 Admin tool commands does not behaves in the same way
EUCA-6589 S3 DeleteObjects fails with HTTP 400 error
EUCA-7315 uploading blank policy file throws "failed to marshall type com.eucalyptus.auth.euare.PutUserPolicyType" exception
EUCA-7657 ANY queries for zone apex return SERVFAIL results
EUCA-8089 Deleting Load Balancer That Spans Multiple AZs (clusters) Fails to Delete the Associated Autoscaling Group
EUCA-8135 Multi-AZ ELB deploys autoscaling group on one AZ
EUCA-8366 Security group rules with CIDR source ip ranges should also apply between security groups
EUCA-8508 registering nodes succeeds with throwing error 8777 port
EUCA-8756 Enforce the required minimum heap size when parsing the eucalyptus-cloud options
EUCA-8808 euca-get-console-output fails if cc is not avaialble
EUCA-8951 Error Message When Registration Fails for OSG is a bit verbose
EUCA-9005 OSG S3 quota can be exceeded by concurrent PUTs
EUCA-9079 AWS Error Code InvalidVolume.NotFound Not Supported
EUCA-9460 clean Stuck Volumes error
EUCA-9481 Simultaneous existence of registered/approved/confirmed and enabled/disabled for users is confusing
EUCA-9491 CLC DBs are getting out of sync
EUCA-9673 DescribeInstanceTypes and DescribeAvailabilityZones expose cloud resource information to regular users
EUCA-9744 Investigate changing refresh intervals for Node states
EUCA-9789 Cannot stop source node controller from running new instances on it
EUCA-9806 S3 GET from browser that includes If-None-Match header fails
EUCA-9959 "MalformedPolicyDocument: Policy document should not specify a principal." Should Be Returned When Using Incorrect Access Policy File During IAM Role Creation
EUCA-10023 NoSuchTagSet exception is not returned properly
EUCA-10028 Remove www.httpproxy cloud properties
EUCA-10040 Possible Resource Leak
EUCA-10041 Possible Resource Leak
EUCA-10125 Imaging VM can't communicate with Imaging service
EUCA-10138 Cloudformation templates do not work with boolean/number fields
EUCA-10157 Log files should be readable by group 'eucalyptus'.
EUCA-10158 Cannot update DNS server once set for a VPC
EUCA-10159 VPC: DNS Search path is not being added to resolv.conf
EUCA-10225 Re-creating an ELB with the same name fails with 'InternalFailure' error
EUCA-10288 VMs lose connectivity to public IPs
EUCA-10296 VPC: Internal ELB assigns itself a public IP, DNS resolves to that IP
EUCA-10323 eucanetd fails to apply network isolation rules
EUCA-10490 Super ugly stack traces on imaging worker launch
EUCA-10505 VPC- Security group src group cidr value not being applied to rules
EUCA-10611 Disable reporting by default
EUCA-10612 GetCertURL is hard coded in getcredentials
EUCA-10614 Cleanup SC async task execution threads/pools
EUCA-10625 CloudFormation JSON incorrectly wraps response
EUCA-10627 DescribeAvailabilityZones should honor the requested zone name when "verbose" is present in the request
EUCA-10630 User API Service registration should be idempotent
EUCA-10643 Condition Function does not work in CloudFormation "Outputs"
EUCA-10645 Metadata fails when running multiple instances at once
EUCA-10649 Block device mapping 'NoDevice' param should not require boolean value
EUCA-10680 In VPC instances can become available before metadata is setup
EUCA-10689 CLC should exclude VPC resources from the global network view when not used
EUCA-10691 cloud admin cannot delete other account's vpc after the account is deleted
EUCA-10706 Volume from ImportVolume Shown 'Available' Before Importing Task Has Been Completed
EUCA-10708 If Incorrect AZ Used With ImportVolume, Imaging Worker Instances Launch Regardless
EUCA-10722 Property '.cluster.networkmode' needs input validation
EUCA-10731 eucadmin tools fail if HTTP proxy is setup, also ignores no_proxy variable
EUCA-10748 Can not createimage from an instance who's EMI is deregistered.
EUCA-10764 Imaging service should relay failures from lack of VM disk space to the user
EUCA-10777 DescribeProperties should return Default values
EUCA-10779 Stop shipping unused jars in eucalyptus-enterprise
EUCA-10782 Cloud admin services respond to v4-signed requests with 404s
EUCA-10787 Paravirt images are no longer converted by the imaging worker.
EUCA-10792 Reduce default cloud.vmstate.terminated_time to 2
EUCA-10794 Java bootstrapper should set a reasonable heap size by default when starting up
EUCA-10799 Default PermGen should be larger
EUCA-10803 SC clean up of failed volumes/snapshots should not be in CLC->SC describe resources path
EUCA-10813 DescribeProperties should return read/write attributes
EUCA-10822 cloud.vmstate.mac_prefix and 'Cluster:MacPrefix' in the JSON must match in order to get instance connectivity.
EUCA-10824 Eucaconsole Package Dependencies
EUCA-10837 DNS server returns SERVFAIL instead of NXDOMAIN
EUCA-10848 DNS names are treated as case sensitive in HTTP Host headers
EUCA-10882 Accounts can delete each others' access keys given the keys' IDs
EUCA-10913 multiple requests to imaging services makes it dysfunctional
EUCA-10917 CLONE - Default PermGen should be larger foe 4.2
EUCA-10977 Midonet chains should be cleaned after instance is terminated
EUCA-11001 ELB VM fails to restart haproxy process if there are no listeners configured
EUCA-11023 CLONE - eucanetd can not start dhcpd due to udp port binding conflict from dnsmasq
EUCA-11046 Running 40 ELBs make CLC very slow
EUCA-11047 ELB fails to put cloudwatch data
EUCA-11057 euscale-update-auto-scaling-group accepts invalid zone and makes ASG malfunction
EUCA-11083 Security group rules using an Instance's Public IP will fail if the instances are on the same NC
EUCA-11137 CloudFormation stack creation fails after simple workflow timer error
EUCA-11142 Request log does not log Query API parameters
EUCA-11155 SetLBListenerSSLCert can delete certificates in use
EUCA-11172 Auto scaling should not replace unhealthy instances when over desired capacity
EUCA-11185 Deleting multiple listeners from ELB can cause failure to restart haproxy
EUCA-11201 Threads from LoadBalancingBackend.##### consuming substantial amounts of CPU
EUCA-11235 EDGE: setting DISABLE_L2_ISOLATION option currently will block all VM traffic
EUCA-11236 EDGE: race between VMs starting and eucanetd applying L2 isolation rules causing no net to VMs4
EUCA-11241 EDGE: race between global network view broadcast, VM run, and eucanetd network implementation causing VMs to come up without net
EUCA-11242 Eucalyptus stats directory has wrong perms on creation
EUCA-11247 Ephemeral space formatting does not match AWS
EUCA-11248 Coordinate health checks when multiple ELB VMs run for an LB
EUCA-11296 ELB dns resolution should be in round-robin basis
EUCA-11309 500 Internal Server Error for S3 GET requests with If-None-Match and If-Modified-Since headers
EUCA-11409 EBS snapshots and volumes from snapshots fail against NetApp Data ONTAP 8.3.1
GUI-1127 Required fields should not be checked if a user clicks the Cancel button
GUI-1146 If logon page is left idle, next initial logon attempt fails
GUI-1169 Upgrade Foundation to latest stable version
GUI-1340 Error for Unauthorized Cloud User Can Be More Accurate
GUI-1457 refactor policy gen tool to lazy load and be zippy
GUI-1524 Forward-slash characters are not allowed in key pairs and trigger HTTP 500
GUI-1545 Action menu is cut off, leaving some options in-accessible
GUI-1549 Issue with the launch instance wizard image loading when CLC is changed
GUI-1565 Invalid/misleading error message when console.ini setting '' is set to 'false'.
GUI-1577 monitoring selection in instance and launch config wizards needs to be more specific w/r/t monitoring settings for euca vs AWS
GUI-1587 Allow a user to browse a shared bucket and download shared objects
GUI-1591 revise bubble help on sharing panel for warning re: all users grantee
GUI-1623 Removing a tag in the launch instance wizard's tag editor doesn't update tags list in the summary
GUI-1624 IAM Policy Editor generates a 404 in the JS console when switching to the Custom Policy tab
GUI-1629 About the Team dialog returns a CSP violation in the JS console
GUI-1639 Invalid security group rule warning
GUI-1640 Connect to Instance dialog: conditionally display keypair-related instructions only when instance has key pair
GUI-1641 Switching console locale does not work
GUI-1656 In console.ini we should explain that "clchost" must be assigned the IP or DNS name of machine running User Facing Services and not the CLC
GUI-1670 When user enters incorrect current password (after expiry), internal error
GUI-1694 Non-latin characters in scaling policy name trigger Internal error
GUI-1696 "Create Image" throws internal error for instances launched from BFEBS image if that image is no longer in the cloud
GUI-1700 When a file is uploaded to an AWS bucket using euca-create-volume the file details can not be viewed with eucaconsole
GUI-1722 Console doesn't support DNS service endpoints
GUI-1795 change clchost to ufshost in console.ini
GUI-1802 Going to IAM user "Add Access Policy" dialog throws javascript error
GUI-1819 add custom protocol for security groups to support sctp
GUI-1869 Field labels on attach volume dialog do not align quite right
GUI-1921 Deleted and failed volumes don't display proper links and action menu items on volumes landing page