Technology Preview

This topic describes technology preview and its support scope. It also provides a list of features currently in technology preview.

Technology Preview Definition

Technology preview features provide early access to upcoming product innovations, enabling you to test functionality and provide feedback during the development process.

Customers and users should be aware that technology preview features:

In some cases, this may be applicable to the entire cloud deployment depending on the subsystems affected by the feature in technology preview. As we consider making future iterations of technology preview features generally available, we will attempt to resolve any issues that customers experience when using these features.

Upgrade Compatibility and Support Scope

During the development of a technology preview feature, additional components may become available to the public for testing. Because technology preview features are still under development, we cannot guarantee the stability of such features. As a result, if you are using technology preview features, you may not be able to seamlessly upgrade to subsequent Eucalyptus releases.

Some preview features are included in this release to provide early access to features that we may support fully in future releases, but we cannot guarantee that support will be provided or issues resolved in a future release. Some technology preview features may only be available for specific hardware architectures.

The Eucalyptus customer success team may create bug reports on behalf of support cases filed by subscribed customers. These bug reports will then be forwarded to Eucalyptus engineering as proposed for inclusion in a future release.

Current Technology Preview Features

The following features are in technology preview for this Eucalyptus release: