Resolved Issues

This section lists previous issues resolved by Eucalyptus 4.2.1.

Issue Description
EUCA-4115 Concurrent address allocations can fail (euca-allocate-address)
EUCA-10892 CloudFormation JSON response messages include internal properties
EUCA-11262 Failed finding service account for service: one-cc-1 error seen in log repeatedly
EUCA-11398 ELB fails to create instance per availability zone
EUCA-11444 Odd Error Returned from ModifyLoadBalancerAttributes
EUCA-11487 Warning logged when starting eucalyptus-nc
EUCA-11498 In a multi-cluster cloud, PV images can not be launched using EKI and ERI options in one AZ
EUCA-11511 PV instance migration doesn't work
EUCA-11513 Failure to multi-delete objects by non-bucket-owning accounts
EUCA-11533 Do not allow upper-case letters in bucket name and prefix in ELB access logs
EUCA-11555 Accounts can delete each others' access keys given the keys' IDs - 4.2.x
EUCA-11623 4.2 upgrade fails with error "duplicate key value violates unique constraint "uk_r165nl545vks5p0miwvks5yb9"
EUCA-11624 4.2 upgrade should handle cloud.identifier_canonicalizer property
EUCA-11628 GNI file does not add ingressRules during 4.1.x to 4.2.0 upgrade
EUCA-11634 Enable instance dns name resolution on upgrade
GUI-1695 Entering password into "Create Image" dialog does not work on Windows/ IE11
GUI-1749 Eucaconsole early output not captured to logfile
GUI-1754 cloudformation.samples.bucket config can break stack wizard
GUI-1843 Update aws instance types based on current EC2 list
GUI-1853 Multi-object delete fails to return errors (if there are any)
GUI-1923 Internal ELB groups not listed in rule widget
GUI-1925 Large number of volumes breaks volumes landing page
GUI-1926 Upload button should be hidden when uploads are disabled in console.ini
GUI-1993 GUI can't deal with objects that are stored with // in paths
GUI-2137 Notification has text cut off
GUI-2148 Console error thrown after modifying attribute of stopped instance
GUI-2154 User data not pre-populating when creating instance or launch config from existing instance.
GUI-2159 Create Load Balancer button available without selecting required bucket
GUI-2162 Create Bucket link in Create Load Balancer can lose user's entered parameters when uppercase letters are entered for bucket name
GUI-2164 bundling progress should be updated from bundle task progress
GUI-2166 Status bar looks like button on scaling group details "Instances" tab
GUI-2168 Creating an account with 'admin' user entered prevents download of credentials
GUI-2171 Eucaconsole does not always load the latest IE mode
GUI-2173 ELB access logs collection fails when logs prefix contains an uppercase letter
GUI-2174 Console does not allow an empty prefix to be entered for ELB access logs
GUI-2177 bucket landing page: icon in tile header is too big
GUI-2190 Credentials should not be automatically created at account creation