Eucalyptus Limitations and Restrictions

This topic provides defaults used for known limitations and restrictions associated with Eucalyptus 4.4 features, services, and accounts as tested and supported by the Eucalyptus Quality Team. Some of these limitations may reflect the supported differences between AWS and Eucalyptus.

Functional Limitations

This section describes features and operations that are not supported by Eucalyptus, and therefore, considered a functional limitation or difference from that of AWS.

Configurable Limitations

This section lists the limitations that are present for configuring certain resources, as tested by Eucalyptus, and may differ from those imposed by AWS.

Description Default Maximum
The number of instances that can be started in one cluster. Configurable via MAX_INSTANCES_PER_CC in eucalyptus.conf. Note: Once a cloud is in use and has started operating based on this variable, it is not safe to change it at runtime. If the value needs to be changed, stop the CC process, remove the files in /var/lib/eucalyptus/CC/*, change the variable in the config file, and start the CC process again. 2048 4096
The number of volumes that can be attached to a VM. Eucalyptus can attach up to 24-25 volumes per VM. None Unknown because EBS/HVM/PV instances would have different limits.
The number of access keys a user can have. Configurable in property authentication.access_keys_limit. 2 None
Name restrictions on the values that can be used with IAM. Same as AWS. The AWS restrictions on names are also generally applicable to Eucalyptus. n/a
Most default limits are defined via cloud properties. varies varies