Resolved Issues

This topic lists previous issues resolved by Eucalyptus 4.4.1.

Issue Description
EUCA-12495 /var/log/messages has too many lines of axis2c messages
EUCA-13063 S3 signature v2 presigned url validation fails GET when content-type header present
EUCA-13066 S3 signature v4 SignatureDoesNotMatch error response content
EUCA-13077 Public IP is not assigned to an instance when its elastic IP is moved to another instance
EUCA-13085 Snapshot delta base download from s3 ignores actual snapshot size
EUCA-13086 NatGateways in 'failed' state do not transition to 'deleted' upon request to delete them
EUCA-13109 Snapshot delta temporary files leaked on s3 upload/download failure
EUCA-13116 Snapshot deletion from s3 attempts should be limited
EUCA-13117 Snapshot delta deletion should be ordered for dependencies
EUCA-13157 CFN: stack creation failures can have too much info at INFO log level
EUCA-13164 S3 some actions have wrong error response for bucket not found
EUCA-13166 Detaching subnet from loadbalancer succeed when there is only one subnet
EUCA-13168 UpdateStack stays in UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS due to SWF workflow timeout
EUCA-13180 Stack on multi-cluster VPC fails to deploy due to route table not being able to be updated
EUCA-13187 Incorrect accounting for cluster availability per vmtype when using PV images
EUCA-13188 S3 hmac signature SignatureDoesNotMatch error response content
EUCA-13194 S3 errors when using aws-sdk-go and multipart upload
EUCA-13206 CloudFormation Fn::GetAZs should prefer zones with default subnets for vpc
EUCA-13218 InfrastructureAdministrator Role cannot use euserv-describe-node-controllers
EUCA-13232 Access Log File format doesn't contain IP address of load balancer node that handled the requests
EUCA-13233 Multi-AZ ELB returns 503 when one out of three backend instances are in 'InService' state
EUCA-13254 Ceph cleanUpImages may throw misleading error
EUCA-13284 OSG decrypts access key too frequently
EUCA-13285 List Server Certificates missing Expiration
EUCA-13297 Incorrect BgpPeerIp range validation
EUCA-13318 s3 multi-part upload fails when using signature v4
EUCA-13319 Instances can boot before network is ready
EUCA-13320 nc-hook scripts will fail to run if SELINUX is enforcing.
EUCA-13323 SimpleWorkflow: InternalError when canceling workflow execution
EUCA-13329 EC2 DescribeVolumes should allow for pagination parameters
EUCA-13334 CFN UpdateStack: Disable API Termination update triggers SG change
EUCA-13339 AWS4Signer logs too many messages in DEBUG mode.
EUCA-13340 EC2 instance identity dynamic data should be cached
EUCA-13341 Trying to delete Ceph snapshot on Ceph mis-named image fails
EUCA-13349 ServiceImage3 build should depend on lb-servo-1.4
EUCA-13373 DNS service will return results for services that are in the disabled state.
EUCA-13389 intra-group SG traffic is sometimes denied until eucanetd restarted
GUI-2859 Running instances should be shown as green
GUI-2879 When OIDC config file is empty or misconfigured, console should fail gracefully
GUI-2894 Delete CORS configuration request should not include CSRF token in URL
GUI-2907 id of the drop-down menu on instance landing page is not recognized by selenium