Create Accounts

Accounts are the highest entity for managing your users, groups and roles. Each account owns and controls all the resources created under it and its set of assigned permissions.

Create an account

Add the details of your new account:

  1. Type the name of your new account.
  2. Note: The admin user will be created automatically for each account as part of the account creation, and therefore, adding it manually is not allowed.
    You can optionally create additional users for this account by entering them in the Add a user text field, then click Add User.
  3. If you want to remove a user from the list of users to create, click the minus icon next to the user in the list.
    Note: The admin user cannot be deleted.
  4. Select one or both options to apply to all the users you want to create, including the admin user:
    • Create and download random password.
    • Create and download access keys.
  5. Repeat for each user to include in the account.

Account Detail - Quotas

Quotas lets you define limits on resources that users for this account is allowed to create. The quotas you define will be saved as a policy that will appear in the account's policy list.

Expand the section for each service that you want to specify limits for, and type in the maximum number of that resource in the text field. Leaving a text field blank means no limit is assigned to that resource.

Save Your Work

Click the Create Account button to save your work, or click the Cancel button to cancel the operation.
Creating the account assigns it an ID, then generates and downloads a .csv file containing user information along with passwords and access keys associated with each user.