IAM User Detail - General

This page allows you to view and edit the details for an IAM user.

General tab

This tab lets you rename a user, add a user to groups, and add a policy for the user.

Rename a user

To rename a user:
  1. Type the name into the Name text field.
  2. Click the Save Changes button to save your work, or click the Cancel button to abandon your changes.

Change the path

  1. Use the Path text field to change the path for the user. For more information, go to IAM Identifiers.
  2. Click the Save Changes button to save your work, or click the Cancel button to abandon your changes.

Add a user to a group

To add a user to a group:
  1. Select the group from the Select a group... drop-down list box.
  2. Click the Add User to Group button.

Remove the user from a group

To remove the user from a group:
  1. Click on the gear icon in the group tile. A context menu will appear.
  2. Select Remove user from the context menu.

Add user policies

An IAM access policy allows you to explicitly define permissions over what your users and groups can access.

To add a policy:
Note: As a best practice, you should use group policies instead of creating individual policies for each user.
Click the Add Policy button to bring up the Add Access Policy page.

Delete a policy

To delete a policy:
Click the Remove policy icon (a minus sign in a circle) next to a policy to delete that policy.

View/edit a policy

To view or edit a policy:
Click the View/edit icon (a pencil) next to a policy to view or edit the text of that policy.

Actions menu

Clicking the Actions button brings up a menu of actions that you can perform on the selected user.

The following context menu actions are available:


This item deletes a user's password and creates an IAM access "deny all actions" policy that prevents them from executing any actions against the cloud. The user's other information, including active access keys, is maintained until you either make the user active again or delete them.


This item allows you to delete a user.
Note: This menu item deletes a user and all keys, passwords and permissions associated with that user.