Use an HP 3PAR SAN

This topic describes how to configure the HP 3PAR SAN as the block storage backend provider for the Storage Controller (SC).

Note: Storage SANs are deprecated as of Eucalyptus 4.4; to be removed in a future release.
To configure HP 3PAR SAN block storage for the zone, run the following commands on the CLC
  1. Configure the SC to use the 3PAR for EBS.
    The output of the command should be similar to:
  2. Verify that the property value is now: 'threepar'
  3. Verify that the SC is listed; note that it may be in the broken state:
    euserv-describe-services --filter service-type=storage
  4. On the CLC, enable SAN support in Eucalyptus by entering your SAN's hostname or IP address, the username, password, and the paths:

    If you have multiple management IP addresses for the SAN adapter, provide a comma-delimited list of IP addresses to the property.

  5. Assign any string to the chap_username property.
  6. Assign the 3PAR CPG that should be used for creating virtual volumes to the threeparusercpg property.
  7. Assign the 3PAR CPG that should be used for creating virtual volume snapshot space to the threeparcopycpg property.
  8. (Optional) These properties are available for advanced configuration.
    PROPERTY     {}
    DESCRIPTION     Name of the virtual domain containing threeparusercpg and threeparcopycpg. If threeparusercpg and threeparcopycpg don't belong to a specific virtual domain leave this property unset
    PROPERTY     false
    DESCRIPTION     Configure multi host access to virtual volume. Value must be true to enable multi host access. Default value is false
    PROPERTY     true
    DESCRIPTION     If set to true, snapshot to volume creation path is optimized. If set to false, volume to snapshot path is optimized. Default value is true
    PROPERTY     2
    DESCRIPTION     Persona (integer value) to be used when exporting a VLUN to host. Default value is 2 and represents a Linux initiator
    PROPERTY     120
    DESCRIPTION     Time duration in minutes to wait for physical copy operation to complete. Default value is 120
    PROPERTY     true
    DESCRIPTION     Configure virtual volumes to be either thinly (TPVV) or fully provisioned (FPVV). Value must be true for TPVV and false for FPVV. Default value is true
    PROPERTY     10000
    DESCRIPTION     Maximum number of VLUNs that can be cached by the provider. Default value is 10000

    For more information about the threeparoptimizesnaptovol property, and how to configure it, see About Operation Mode Optimization.

Your 3PAR SAN backend is now ready to use with Eucalyptus.