Use a Dell EqualLogic SAN

This topic describes how to configure the Dell EqualLogic SAN as the block storage backend provider on the Storage Controller (SC).

Note: Storage SANs are deprecated as of Eucalyptus 4.4; to be removed in a future release.
To configure Dell EqualLogic block storage for the zone, run the following commands on the CLC
  1. Configure the SC to use Equallogic for EBS.
    The output of the command should be similar to:
  2. Verify that the property value is now: 'equallogic'
  3. Verify that the SC is listed; note that it may be in the broken state:
    euserv-describe-services --filter service-type=storage
  4. Enable SAN support in Eucalyptus by entering your SAN's hostname or IP address, the username, password, and the name of the chap user:
  5. (Optional) If your EqualLogic setup has dedicated paths for data access that are different from the management IP address supplied for the property, the following properties must also be configured in Eucalyptus:

    The SC and NC data IP address might be the same; or they can be different, if EqualLogic has multiple data interfaces.

  6. (Optional) These properties are available for EqualLogic thin provisioning, which can save significant space on your SAN.
    These properties take effect only during new EBS volume / snapshot creation. EBS volumes created from previously existing snapshots inherit the provisioning settings of the parent.
    euctl -s = Thin provision space on Equallogic SAN. Value must be true to enable and false to disable thin provisioning = Minimum volume reserve for a thin-provisioned volume expressed as a % of the volume size. This is the amount of immediately writable, guaranteed space reserved for the volume
Your Dell EqualLogic SAN backend is now ready to use with Eucalyptus.