About the BROKEN State

This topic describes the initial state of the Storage Controller (SC) after you have registered it with the Cloud Controller (CLC).

The SC automatically goes to the broken state after being registered with the CLC; it will remain in that state until you explicitly configure the SC by telling it which backend storage provider to use.

You can check the state of a storage controller by running euserv-describe-services --expert and note the state and status message of the SC(s). The output for an unconfigured SC looks something like this:

SERVICE	storage        	ZONE1        	SC71           	BROKEN    	37	arn:euca:eucalyptus:ZONE1:storage:SC71/
SERVICEEVENT	6c1f7a0a-21c9-496c-bb79-23ddd5749222	arn:euca:eucalyptus:ZONE1:storage:SC71/
SERVICEEVENT	6c1f7a0a-21c9-496c-bb79-23ddd5749222	ERROR
SERVICEEVENT	6c1f7a0a-21c9-496c-bb79-23ddd5749222	Sun Nov 18 22:11:13 PST 2012
SERVICEEVENT	6c1f7a0a-21c9-496c-bb79-23ddd5749222	SC blockstorageamanger not configured. Found empty or unset manager(unset). Legal values are: das,overlay,ceph

Note the error above: SC blockstoragemanager not configured. Found empty or unset manager(unset). Legal values are: das,overlay,ceph.

This indicates that the SC is not yet configured. It can be configured by setting the ZONE.storage.blockstoragemanager property to 'das', 'overlay', or 'ceph'.

If you have installed the (paid) Eucalyptus Enterprise packages for your EBS adapter, you will also see additional options in the output line above, and can set the block storage manager to 'netapp', 'equallogic', or 'threepar' as appropriate.

You can verify that the SC block storage manager is unset using:
euctl ZONE.storage.blockstoragemanager