Known Issues

The following known issues exist in Eucalyptus 4.1.2 and its dependencies. Please contact Eucalyptus support for known workarounds to these issues.

New known issues for this release:

Issue Description
Failed EMIs from CreateImage might leave behind orphaned snapshots (EUCA-11184)
  1. Use euca-describe-images to see if the EMI associated with CreateImage has a failed status.

    If any failed, then:

  2. Use euca-describe-snapshots to find any snapshot IDs associated with the failed CreateImage EMI ID.

    The snapshot description includes the EMI ID and Instance ID. Note that the snapshot state can be failed or completed.

Workaround: The cloud administrator and/or cloud user (with proper IAM access to the account's snapshots) can simply delete any orphaned snapshots.

Outstanding known issues from previous releases:

Issue Description
Unable to launch EBS instance or delete volume when launched in different zone than created. (EUCA-10697)

See linked bug for more information.

Older imaging worker fails to convert paravirt on 4.1.1 (EUCA-10787)

After upgrading from 4.0.2 to 4.1.1 without updating the image worker. Paravirt image conversion fails.

Workaround: See linked bug for more information.