Resolved Issues

Eucalyptus 4.1.2 resolves issues listed in the following table.

Issue Description
DOC-1430 Account Creation page doesn't say how to create an account.
DOC-1566 Remove VMware from the docs (deprecated in 4.1.0).
DOC-1608 Change list for euca2ools 3.2.1, 3.1.3.
DOC-1610 Add OSG documentation defaults.
EUCA-5984 Load Balancer emi property not validated.
EUCA-6947 EBS-backed instances fail to attach non-root EBS volumes when restarting the instance.
EUCA-9239 The cloud request log records the full contents for POST requests (SOAP messages, etc.).
EUCA-9409 Add better message in cases where import-volumes tries to import volumes that are larger than max allowed volume size.
EUCA-10031 Add the ability to pass SCTP traffic between instances. (New functionality)
EUCA-10121 WaitCondition timeout not honored.
EUCA-10166 eucanetd cannot start dhcpd due to udp port binding conflict from dnsmasq.
EUCA-10281 Cannot reset value for scpath/ncpath.
EUCA-10433 Cannot migrate EBS backed instance.
EUCA-10559 Null checks in Equallogic provider command parsing.
EUCA-10695 Generic EDGE Networking Deployment Improvements.
EUCA-10778 Large image fails to run due to 403 Client Error: Forbidden.
EUCA-10799 Default PermGen should be larger.
EUCA-10882 See Eucalyptus Security Advisory ESA-32.
EUCA-10929 Update the service image for 4.1.2.
EUCA-11001 ELB VM fails to restart haproxy process if there are no listeners configured.
EUCA-11034 Instance ran from PV image fails to get migrated.
EUCA-11047 ELB fails to put CloudWatch data.
EUCA-11062 Unable to resolve CNAME referencing load balancer instance from within an instance.
EUCA-11069 Elastic IP association lost when CLC is restarted.
EUCA-11185 Deleting multiple listeners from ELB can cause a failure to restart haproxy.
GUI-1821 Unable to view roles from management console.
GUI-1839 Precisely-pinned boto version causing new installs to fail to start.