euserv-describe-service-types [-a] [--show-headers]

[--show-empty-fields] [-U URL]
   [--region  USER@REGION]  [-I  KEY_ID]  [-S  KEY] [--security-token TOKEN]
   [--debug] [--debugger] [--version] [-h]


Option Description Required
-a, –all Show all service types regardless of their properties. No
–show-headers Show column headers. No


Eucalyptus returns a list of service types.


SVCTYPE  arbitrator                The Arbitrator service                                      
SVCTYPE  autoscaling     user-api  Auto Scaling API service                                    
SVCTYPE  cloudformation  user-api  Cloudformation API service                                  
SVCTYPE  cloudwatch      user-api  CloudWatch API service                                      
SVCTYPE  cluster                   The Cluster Controller service                              
SVCTYPE  compute         user-api  the Eucalyptus EC2 API service                              
SVCTYPE  dns             user-api  Eucalyptus DNS server                                       
SVCTYPE  euare           user-api  IAM API service                                             
SVCTYPE  eucalyptus                eucalyptus service implementation                           
SVCTYPE  identity        user-api  Eucalyptus identity service                                 
SVCTYPE  imaging         user-api  Eucalyptus imaging service                                  
SVCTYPE  loadbalancing   user-api  ELB API service                                             
SVCTYPE  objectstorage   user-api  S3 API service                                              
SVCTYPE  simpleworkflow  user-api  Simple Workflow API service                                 
SVCTYPE  storage                   The Storage Controller service                              
SVCTYPE  tokens          user-api  STS API service                                             
SVCTYPE  user-api                  The service group of all user-facing API endpoint services  
SVCTYPE  walrusbackend             The legacy Walrus Backend service