Register the Storage Controller

This topic describes how to register a Storage Controller (SC) with the Cloud Controller (CLC).


  • The Cloud Controller must be properly installed and started.
  • The Storage Controller service must be properly installed and started.

To register the Storage Controller service with the Eucalyptus cloud

Copy the security credentials from the CLC to each machine running Storage Controller services. Run this command on the CLC host machine:

clcadmin-copy-keys -z ZONE HOST

For example:

clcadmin-copy-keys -z zone-1

On the CLC host machine, run the following command:

euserv-register-service -t storage -h IP -z ZONE SVCINSTANCE


  • SVCINSTANCE is the IP address of the SC you are registering with this CLC.
  • name should be a descriptive name for the zone controlled by the CC. For example: . An SC must have the same name as the CC in the same zone.
  • must be a unique name for the SC service. We recommend that you use a short-hand name of the IP address or hostname of the machine.

We recommend that you use IP addresses instead of DNS names when registering services.

For example:

euserv-register-service -t storage -h -z zone-1 sc-

The SC automatically goes to the state after being registered with the CLC; it will remain in that state until you explicitly configure the SC by configuring the backend storage provider (later). For more information, see .

Repeat the above steps for each Storage Controller in each zone. Verify that the Storage Controller service is registered with the following command:

euserv-describe-services SVCINSTANCE

The registered Storage Controller service is now ready for your cloud.