Recover Cloud Data

This topic explains what to include when you recover your cloud.Recovering Your Cloud Data

When you recover your cloud data, you need to stop all services, recover the files, then start all services again.

We recommend that you recover the following data:

  • The cloud database: see
  • Object storage. For objects in Walrus, the frequency depends on current load. Use your own discretion to determine the restore plan and strategy.
  • EBS volumes in each cluster (DAS and Overlay)
  • The configuration file for the cloud is stored on the CLC: .
  • Any configuration file for the cloud stored on any other host (UFS, CC, etc.): .
  • The cloud security credentials on all hosts (you already restored the CLC keys as part of the database restore). Use the tar command: .
  • The CC and NC configuration files, stored on every CC and NC: .
  • Any Euca2ools (.ini) configuration files, which reside on any Euca2ools host machine. Files in these directories:
  • Management Console config files you backed up from should be restored. Typical files:
  • Ensure you have your instances’ so you can access the instances.
  • and LVM snapshots Users are responsible for volume restore using EBS snapshots.