Elastic Load Balancing

This topic explains suggestions for problems you might have with Elastic Load Balancing (ELB). Can’t synchronize with time server Eucalyptus sets up NTP automatically for any instance that has an internet connection to a public network. If an instance doesn’t have such a connection, set the cloud property loadbalancing.loadbalancer_vm_ntp_server to a valid NTP server IP address. For example:

euctl loadbalancing.loadbalancer_vm_ntp_server=
PROPERTY	loadbalancing.loadbalancer_vm_ntp_server was {}

Need to debug an ELB instance To debug an ELB instance, set the loadbalancing.loadbalancer_vm_keyname cloud property to the keypair of the instance you want to debug. For example:

# euctl loadbalancing.loadbalancer_vm_keyname=sshlogin
PROPERTY	loadbalancing.loadbalancer_vm_keyname	sshlogin was {}