euserv-register-service -t TYPE -h IP [--port PORT] [-z ZONE] [-U URL]

       [--region USER@REGION] [-I KEY_ID] [-S KEY]
           [--security-token   TOKEN]  [--debug]  [--debugger]  [--version]
           [--help] SVCINSTANCE

Positional Arguments

Argument Description
SVCINSTANCE The name of the new service instance to register.


Option Description Required
-t, –type type The new service instance’s type. Yes
-h, –host IP The host on which the new instance of the service runs. Yes
–port port The port on which the new instance of the service runs (default for cluster: 8774, otherwise: 8773). No
-z, –availability-zone zone The availability zone in which to register the new service instance. This is required only for services of certain types. Conditional


No output is given when it succeeds.


To register the ufs service named “user-api-5”:

euserv-register-service -t user-api -h user-api-5

A prerequisite for this command is to have the credentials in the shell you are running the register command. For example: