Users are subsets of accounts and are added to accounts by an appropriately credentialed administrator. While the term user typically refers to a specific person, in Eucalyptus, a user is defined by a specific set of credentials generated to enable access to a given account. Each set of user credentials is valid for accessing only the account for which they were created. Thus a user only has access to one account within a Eucalyptus system. If an individual person wishes to have access to more than one account within a Eucalyptus system, a separate set of credentials must be generated (in effect a new ‘user’) for each account (though the same username and password can be used for different accounts).

When you need to add a new user to your Eucalyptus cloud, you’ll go through the following process:

  1. Create a user
  2. Add user to a group
  3. Give user a login profile