Register the Node Controllers

This topic describes how to register a Node Controller (NC) with a Cluster Controller (CC).


  • The Cluster Controller service must be properly installed and started.
  • The Node Controller service must be properly installed and started.
  • If you are upgrading, you should understand that:
    • If you’re upgrading an NC, just register that NC (on the CC that had it registered before).
    • If you’re upgrading the set of non-NC host machines, register all the NCs (on each CC that had NCs registered).

To register the Node Controller service with the Eucalyptus cloud

SSH to the Cluster Controller in the zone. On the CC, register all NCs using the following command with the IP address of each NC host machine:

clusteradmin-register-nodes node0_IP_address ... [nodeN_IP_address]

For example:


Copy the CC’s security credentials using the following command:

clusteradmin-copy-keys node0_IP_address ... [nodeN_IP_address]

For example:


Repeat the steps for each zone in your cloud. The registered Node Controller service is now ready for your cloud.