Register the Walrus Backend

This topic describes how to register the Walrus Backend service with the Cloud Controller (CLC).


  • You must be using the Walrus Backend service as your object storage provider.
  • The Cloud Controller must be properly installed and started.

To register the Walrus Backend service with the Eucalyptus cloud

This task is not necessary if you are using Riak CS instead of Walrus.

On the CLC host machine, run the following command:

euserv-register-service -t walrusbackend -h IP SVCINSTANCE


  • SVCINSTANCE is the IP of the Walrus Backend you are registering with this CLC.
  • must be a unique name for the Walrus Backend service. We recommend that you use a short-hand name of the hostname or IP address of the machine.

For example:

euserv-register-service -t walrusbackend -h walrus-

Copy the security credentials from the CLC to each machine running a Walrus Backend service. Run this command on the CLC host machine:

clcadmin-copy-keys HOST [HOST ...]

For example:


Verify that the Walrus Backend service is registered with the following command:

euserv-describe-services SVCINSTANCE

The registered Walrus Backend service is now ready for your cloud.