MidoNet Component Topology

This topic lists topology recommendations for installing MidoNet.

See [Understanding VPCMIDO and MidoNet]/eucalyptus/5/install_guide/eucalyptus/planning/planning_networking_modes/preparing_vpc_midonet/ for more information on MidoNet.

  • The midonet-api must run co-located with the Cloud Controller (CLC).
  • Each Node Controller (NC) must run a Midolman agent.
  • The Cloud Controller (CLC) must run a Midolman agent.
  • It is recommended that your User Facing Services (UFS) host be used as the MidoNet Gateway (i.e., running a Midolman agent) when configuring .
  • The network interface(s) specified as * (in the configuration file) should be dedicated for /MidoNet (for configuration/operation/use).
  • /MidoNet expects exclusive use of the network interface specified in .
  • If the main network interface of a server is specified in , most likely the connectivity to that server will be lost once is deployed.

Network YAML Example

The older (JSON) network configuration format is still accepted, however the YAML format is recommended.

The following Eucalyptus network YAML file shows a sample VPCMIDO mode configuration:


- ""

- "1.A.B.1-1.A.B.255"

  - ExternalCidr: ""
    ExternalDevice: "veth1"
    ExternalIp: ""
    ExternalRouterIp: ""
    Ip: ""

Where 1.A.B.1-1.A.B.255 represents the public IP address range for your cloud.