euserv-describe-services [-a]

       [--group-by-type | --group-by-zone | --group-by-host | --expert]
         [--show-headers]   [--show-empty-fields]   [-U   URL]  [--region
         USER@REGION]  [-I  KEY_ID]  [-S  KEY]  [--security-token  TOKEN]
         [--filter  NAME=VALUE]  [--debug]  [--debugger] [--version] [-h]

Positional Arguments

Argument Description
SVCINSTANCE Limit results to specific instances of services.


Option Description Required
-a, –all Show all services regardless of type. No
–group-by-type Collate services by service type (default). No
–group-by-zone Collate services by availability zone. No
–group-by-host Collate services by host. No
–expert Show advanced information, including service accounts. No
–show-headers Show column headers. No
–filter name=value Restrict results to those that meet criteria. Allowed filter names: availability-zone. The service’s availability The machine running the service.internal. Whether the service is used only internally (true or false).public. Whether the service is public (true or false).service-group. Whether the service is a member of a specific service group.service-group-member. Whether the service is a member of any service group (true or false).service-type. The type of service.state. The service’s state. No


Eucalyptus returns information about the services you specified.


Verify that you are looking at the cloud controllers view of the service state by explicitly running against that host:

euserv-describe-services --filter service-type=storage -U http://localhost:8773/services/Empyrean
SERVICE  storage  one  one-sc-1  enabled