Use MinIO Backend

This topic describes how to configure MinIO as the object storage backend provider for the Object Storage Gateway (OSG).


  • The UFS must be registered and enabled.
  • Install and start MinIO

For more information on MinIO installation and configuration see the MinIO Server Documentation

To configure MinIO object storage

You must execute the steps below as a administrator.

Configure minio as the storage provider using the euctl command:

euctl objectstorage.providerclient=minio

Configure objectstorage.s3provider.s3endpoint to the ip:port of a host running the minio server:

euctl objectstorage.s3provider.s3endpoint=<minio-host-ip>:<minio-port>

The default port for MinIO is 9000

Configure objectstorage.s3provider.s3accesskey and objectstorage.s3provider.s3secretkey with credentials for minio:

euctl objectstorage.s3provider.s3accesskey=<minio-accesskey>
euctl objectstorage.s3provider.s3secretkey=<minio-secretkey>

Configure the expected response code for minio:

euctl objectstorage.s3provider.s3endpointheadresponse=400

The MinIO backend and OSG are now ready for production.