Updating the SSL Negotiation Configuration

Eucalyptus Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) uses SSL negotiation configurations to determine how SSL connections to your load balancer behave. This topic shows how to update an existing load balancer with an SSL negotiation configuration.

Get a list of predefined security policies using the eulb-describe-lb-policies command: eulb-describe-lb-policies This produces output similar to the following:

POLICY	ELBSample-AppCookieStickinessPolicy	AppCookieStickinessPolicyType
POLICY	ELBSample-LBCookieStickinessPolicy	LBCookieStickinessPolicyType
POLICY	ELBSecurityPolicy-2014-10	SSLNegotiationPolicyType
POLICY	ELBSecurityPolicy-2015-02	SSLNegotiationPolicyType
POLICY	ELBSecurityPolicy-2011-08	SSLNegotiationPolicyType
POLICY	ELBSecurityPolicy-2015-05	SSLNegotiationPolicyType
POLICY	ELBSecurityPolicy-2014-01	SSLNegotiationPolicyType

Use the eulb-create-lb-policy command to update the SSL negotiation configuration to use one of the predefined security policies. For example: eulb-create-lb-policy --policy-name mypredefinedsslpolicy --policy-type SSLNegotiationPolicyType --attributes "Reference-Security-Policy=ELBSecurityPolicy-2011-08" myloadbalancer Use the eulb-describe-lbs command to verify the update. For example: eulb-describe-lbs myloadbalancer