Register User-Facing Services

This topic describes how to register the User-Facing Services (UFS) with the Cloud Controller (CLC).


  • The Cloud Controller must be properly installed and started.
  • The User-Facing Services must be properly installed and started.

To register the User-Facing Services with the Eucalyptus cloud

On the CLC host machine, obtain your temporary access keys for the Eucalyptus set up by running the following command:

eval `clcadmin-assume-system-credentials`

You will create longer-lived and fully functional access keys later.

Also on the CLC host machine, run the following command:

euserv-register-service -t user-api -h IP SVCINSTANCE


  • SVCINSTANCE is the IP address of the UFS you are registering.
  • must be a unique name for the User-Facing service.

For example:

euserv-register-service -t user-api -h user-api-1

Repeat for each UFS host, replacing the UFS IP address and UFS name. Copy the security credentials from the CLC to each machine running User-Facing Services. Run this command on the CLC host machine:

clcadmin-copy-keys HOST [HOST ...]

For example:


Verify that the User-Facing service is registered with the following command for each instance of the UFS:

euserv-describe-services SVCINSTANCE

The registered UFS instances are now ready for your cloud.