Plan Disk Space

We recommend that you choose a disk for the Walrus that is large enough to hold all objects and buckets you ever expect to have, including all images that will ever be registered to your system, plus any Amazon S3 application data. For heavy S3 usage, Riak CS is a better choice for object storage.

We recommend that you use LVM (Logical Volume Manager). If you run out of disk space, LVM allows you to add disks and migrate the data.

Service Directory Minimum Size
Cloud Controller (CLC)CLC logging /var/lib/eucalyptus/db/var/log/eucalyptus 20GB2GB
WalrusWalrus logging /var/lib/eucalyptus/bukkits/var/log/eucalyptus 250GB2GB
Storage Controller (SC) (EBS storage) This disk space on the SC is only required if you are not using Ceph. For DAS the space must not be used by an existing filesystem. /var/lib/eucalyptus/volumes/var/log/eucalyptus 250GB
User-Facing Services (UFS)UFS logging /var/lib/eucalyptus/var/log/eucalyptus 5GB 2GB
Management ConsoleConsole logging /var/log/eucalyptus-console 5GB 2GB
Cluster Controller (CC)CC logging /var/lib/eucalyptus/CC/var/log/eucalyptus 5GB2GB
Node Controller (NC)NC logging /var/lib/eucalyptus/instances/var/log/eucalyptus 250GB2GB

If necessary, create symbolic links or mount points to larger filesystems from the above locations. Make sure that the ‘eucalyptus’ user owns the directories.